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What do you think I should do about Evil Companies copying our Company?

Asked by windex (2932points) October 9th, 2008

I obviously Can not name the company, but let’s just say we are kind of a big deal in our field (sorry can’t say what industy).
T here are some companies (even though they are 1/5, 1/50 or 1/100 of our size) call themselves our competitors.

W henever someone gets fired from our company (usually for being Stupid) those companies hire that person, suck out all the info/secrets and then fire those guys/gals.
F unny thing is those ex-employees of ours had all singed papers saying “I will not give out company secrets…will not work for a competitor for at least 2 years after I leave this company etc. etc.)

I have mentioned this to my boss multiple times, but he just says let’s concentrate on the positive, let’s not look back, let’s just push forward. I understand this completely, BUT at the same time, we should send some legal papers to those backstabbing/dirty/disloyal ex-employees who betrayed us JUST to scare them. Not sue them or anything. So more people won’t do it.
A lso, those companies Somehow Secretly Get into our system using False name/info and order our products (since they can’t produce those products themselves) and Resell it to their customers (repackaged) and steal customers from us.

I can do SO MUCH damage to these companies by contacting THEIR CUSTOMERS (mass emails/letters/automated phone massages), and telling them “Hey this company you are ordering from, is actually ordering from us, or SIMPLY just slap a “Thank you for ordering from **********.com” and ship it directly to the consumer.
I have a bunch of scripts running and check manually to catch these FAKE accounts, but they still get in.

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Hmmm, i suspect that if your boss isn’t worried, then the net loss to your company is less than the potential cost of engaging lawyers and creating a fuss over it.

Hard to say specifically without knowing your industry. You’d have to know more about any distribution contracts you have in place, you would have to know what the potential cost would be to revise the shipping system.

Many times, there is a lot more that can be done by just improving internal processes and reduce your dependence on those high turnover employees. Obviously, it varies from case to case.

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Get over it.

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Assassination is always an option.

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I think you are incredibly paranoid. Luckily your boss is wiser than you are. Keep innovating and do the best work possible, and that is how you support/protect your company.

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Your boss calls the shots. If the boss isn’t worried, why should you be? It sucks, but it’s a fact of life.

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If your competitors hire people that have been fired from your company because they are stupid, I don’t think they will bring to your competitor the added value needed to fill the gap between you and them.

Keep the best talents, don’t worry about the rest.
Actually those stupid guys fired from your company could produce them more damage than benefit.
Sheriffs are not well seen in business.

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Stop and smell a rose or two. Negative obsessions cut short your life.

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^ Best advice ive heard in months, lurve

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