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Why do people hate?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) October 9th, 2008

So, I just got out of high school. I go to a big university now. My family is kind of known for having a lot of money but that isnt even really true. I drive a nice car but that’s really it. I feel like everybody around me looks at me as if im a show off and as if i dont belong.
Why are they so negative ?
I didnt grow up here so Im already the outsider just because of that. Ive really had it. Every day is torture for me.

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1. People hate because they’re afraid.

2. Don’t have the fancy car, then. Get a junker (with good brakes and seatbelts).
You’ll feel better, and people won’t appear to be looking at you with envy and
annoyance. This is classism going in circles. Let it die out. Good luck!!

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Maybe it’s not so much that people envy you,
but that you may rub them the wrong way?
Just a thought.

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But what if i like my car. Should i give up on my car for people i dont even know?

The car was a gift and i was happy to take it, people should be happy for me in stead of talking crap behind my back.

Im a 19 year old, its not like im rubbing it in their faces. Thats just my life..

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i used to have a normal car before and they would still talk

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Wouldn’t that implicate…not the car?

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i know exactly what you’re talking about punkrock! omggg, in high school i drove a an old benz that my parents had bought from friends for cheap, and i onnly ended up being the person driving it because of a weird series of events. i knew that my car had cost less than most of the other people at my school, but they all looked at my like i was some kind of princess.

i’m sure if it had been economical to sell it and get a cheaper car they would have, but it actually was cheap and it ran well. it was pretty and i liked it. i wasn’t going to throw it away because people looked at me. i didn’t care what they thought and i still don’t.

real friends don’t care if your car is gorgeous or if it’s shitty.

i don’t have the benz anymore. the only car i drive now is my boyfriend’s incredibly shitty rusty 89 corolla. it gets me where i’m going and i don’t care what people think about it either.

(don’t tell him i called it shitty though. i do care about that.) :)

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Well, punkrockworld, if you are punk rock you probably wouldn’t be driving a nice car. I imagine a Good Charlotte pseudo punk sporting a nice car and professionally colored hair. Hot Topic.

The real punk rockers will reject you for not understanding what punk really is. And the preps will shun you because you don’t look like them.

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I don’t want to be friends with someone who’s going to shun me for what i look like anyway.

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no im not punkrock at all lol
im a normal girl, very fashionable looking. thats just my sn

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lol, so why did you chose the screenname then?

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Mean people suck!

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People hate because is something related to their inner nature. You cannot do anything against it. You can hide it, sometimes, or try to repress it. At some point, in someone, it will come on surface again and again.

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I think the late great Ricky Nelson said it best, you can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself. Are you happy with the person you are? Are you working hard to become the person you want to be?

You are young, these people are young and immature. They are probably jealous of a stylish young woman driving a nice car. All you can do is ignore the hate, always try to respond to them with kindness or patience at the very least, and keep your head up. They’ll come around – or they won’t – either way if you are true to yourself you’ll thrive.

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they are jealous. plain and simple. there is not much you can do about it. find a few people who don’t care that you have money, and chill with them and enjoy your money

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“People always fear or hate what they cannot, or will not, understand.”

That’s a paraphrased comment from the movie Cool Runnings, and was uttered by Malik Yoba’s character.

You can’t make strangers like you (I should know; look how much I am hated on this website just because I refuse to alter my positions/beliefs, to please the so-called “majority”), and it’s my opinion that you shouldn’t try.

You should just be who you are, and if someone doesn’t like the real you, then they are the ones who have a problem, and not you.

Don’t live your life as an ass kisser, which is what you will be, if you alter your morals, beliefs and ideals, simply to become well-liked.

Remember the following, always:

“A heart is not judged by how much YOU love, but by how much YOU are loved, by others.”

—Actor Frank Morgan, speaking in character as Professor Marvel in, The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Those who love or like you, base that on the real you, and not on what they expect you to be.

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why do people love? I believe it is another emothion that God gave us

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Just remmeber that u are not wrong. People that looked at u in that sort of manner arent worth to even be mentioned. Just live on happily and care less on the negative comments unless they are constructive ones. Everybody have their own thoughts and it is almost impossible to satisfy everyone. You can probably take the time to explain to them what u think…maybe.. or else just forget about them and live on and be happy.

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Excellent advice! “Roger that!”

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Fear = hate
Ignorance = hate
hurt = hate
greed = hate
intolerance = hate

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some (not all, of course) moderators = hate

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People hate because they don’t understand/can’t relate and thus dstrongly dislike.

At least that’s the blanket pseudo-philosophical answer I can come up with off the top of my head.

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It’s not the car, prw.

People hate the other. In some way, shape, or form, you are the other. Without knowing you, or the situation, I can’t offer any specific suggestions. But I would look at myself, and look at the others around me as objectively as possible, and try to see how I differ.

Is it the way I talk? The way I smell? The attitude I have? The way I relate? How cold I seem? You can ask people if you want to really know.

Clothes, cars, money, are a way of not taking responsibility for what’s going on. It’s not the things, it’s the way you relate to the things. Are you open, and generous (with your spirit, not your money)? Do you appear caring? Approachable?

People may have an idea about you based on the car, but it can be overcome when they get to know you better.

Don’t blame the car, prw. Look elsewhere. Look honestly, too.

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PPL ARE BASCIALLY VERY STUPID. They put up these barriers so they don’t expose too much of themsleves to avoid getitng hurt or embarrassed. They forgeot that everyone is in the same boat; just trying to get by day after day and make something of their lives.
Hang in there. It’s not easy after high school…but you’ll get through it. Find the ppl who think like you do.

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Jealousy = hate

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Mostly insecurities, and so that they’ll feel better about themselves. Hating somehow makes people think that they have some lead or one up against another person, which usually just springs from jealousy. But of course, there are levels of hate. Some are just playful or in a teasing way, nothing serious.

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Whenever I have the feeling of hatred it is usually because of these reasons:
~sleep deprivation and mental/emotional stress
~paranoia about the intentions of others
~envy or comparing my self to others and feeling a sense of lack
In my experience, sleep deprivation and stress are most influential in how I feel throughout the day. It can make me quick to judge (internally…I try not to take it out on others because it’s my own mental state & I am ultimately responsible for it) when I’m over tired because everything is just crappy by default since I’m not in my soft, fluffy, perfectly comfortable bed, encapsulated by a cocoon of comforting blankets. Sleep deprivation makes me feel so cheated when I first wake up and then it becomes a “watch out world, I’m f***ING awake now” day until I get a nap.

<Maybe you should ask some of the hateful people if they are tired, paranoid, or envious. Or tell them to just take a freaking nap because they are acting like babies taking their internal state of hate out on you and that once they are done with their nap they can wake up and realize that life isn’t fair and never will be for anyone alive and you are glad they have written you off because they are being ridiculous self absorbed pipsqheaks. They hate you anyway so there is nothing to lose. :D>

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