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"Two and a Half Men" fans - don't you wish that show had a better Intro?

Asked by Mr_M (7616points) October 10th, 2008

I love the show and think it’s brilliantly written. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s always up for Emmys. But I cringe every time I see the boy singing with the other two guys. To me, it just doesn’t fit and I wish they had better. What say you?

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I actually quite enjoy the theme song.

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Nah, I like it :) It’s a good song to get stuck in peoples heads, muahahaha…
and it’s really all of them singing, isn’t it?

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i know. its horrible. but i dont think anything else would work.

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@shrub, IS it really them?

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It is annoying but I think it does fit and it definitely gets on your mind!

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@Mtl zack, what about them singing and the boy sings, well, more “manly”? Or real bad? That would work and be funnier.

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ugh yes, I cannot stand it. I completely agree.

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@ Mr M – Apparently, it is not them singing. I always thought that at least the kid was singing because it sounds so much like him, but that part was sung by a girl

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@fire, where does it say that on the link you provided? I can’t find it.

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Try here
Admittedly, i didn’t do lengthy research

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I cringe too…

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The only thing I don’t like is the cut scenes like the night shot when they are panning along the beach and the only sound bite is “Meeeeeennnnnn!”

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Everybody sing!

“Men, men men men manly men…

Do Da Do, Do, Do, Do, Doooooo…”

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