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Where is the money for the "bailout" coming from?

Asked by tf666 (11points) October 10th, 2008

No one has been able to tell me where the us govt is getting the bailout money from

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Borrowing from China

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Actually, China recently ordered its banks to stop lending money to U.S. banks. So we’re looking at Canada & Mexico, among others.

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…from you. And me.

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…and our kids, and our grand-kids, ad nauseum…

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We won the cold war by outspending Russia. China is winning the economic war by us outspending ourselves.

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The money comes from the rich and the bankers. As long as they produce the money, they own the money, they own the debt, they own us. Its not US vs. China, or US vs. Russia, or US vs Iran, its the people that create the money vs. the people that work for the money.

This video explains where not just the money from the bailout came from, but where money in general comes from. Its modern day slavery.

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The same place the rest of the $10 trillion U.S. debt comes from.

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I believe it came from my 401k.
Between two other coworkers and myself, we have LOST $61,000.00 in the last week. In the last 4 months, WE AMERICANS HAVE LOST OVER 4 trillion dollars… That’s right. Count those zeros. $4,000,000,000,000.00, from our 401k plan. And will we ever get that back ???? NO…
I think I’m sick again…

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