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How did you discover Fluther?

Asked by answerjill (6193points) October 10th, 2008

I read about it in the Brown Alumni Magazine.

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We’re not supposed to talk about that. (Only kind of joking – I discovered it when my previous question site exploded with drama. But mentioning that site usually gets a pretty strong response from some people here.)

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I was invited to join the Beta.
(Disclaimer – family)

Response moderated
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I don’t remember how or when I found it probably a google search for something.

But, I must have put my email address in, because a couple weeks ago, I got an email asking me to verify my account. I’m not sure if i have left since…

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I heard about it the same unmentionable place EmpressPixie did.

Oh, and welcome!

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A man riding a flaming pie told me about it.

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one of Ben and Andrew’s crazier marketing stunts

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I was Googling for something and the question I was searching for was a fluther question and it provided me a good answer, so I signed up :).

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Fluther was recommended to me by a friend from askville.

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I’m a friend of Ben, and tried the beta like gail. We’re old school : )

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It was mentioned in an article in

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I think I got whiff of it from Guy Kawasaki.

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Good question. I cant remmeber.

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Saw a mention of it on and thought I’d check it out.

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Disgruntled Askvillians kept mentioning it in Discussion Boards as “the other question/answer site”, proclaming it less messy and generally happier.

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I saw a LOLcat where a cat was ‘typing’ on a laptop.

The macro was “I’m in ur Fluther, answering ur questions.” (Or something like that). My first reaction was, “What the heck is fluther?”

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Why did Gail’s answer get mod’d?

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@Nimis, just a guess, but she might’ve flagged it as a “duplicate” to get it removed. That’s never worked for me, though… but then, I’m not family.

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i googled something for personal advice and some of the other alternatives were sites like this. i chose this one first, asked a question, got a response from marina and been on ever since.

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When I got the iPhone, Fluther was one of the sponsored websites that had created iPhone versions.

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@Nim and Rob; Duped, dopey, didn’t delete. Feshumult, flagged , fixed.

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I thought that you were just being your raunchy self again, Gail.

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@AC: I “just” CAN’T Control MYSELF. (social phobia).

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my house had fleas and i was googling fleas in my desperation to fix the problem, and i came upon this site. i didn’t put much thought into my screen name because i wasn’t planning to make fluther a big part of my life. i just wanted to discuss my flea issue. now i wish i made my name a little more interesting. anyway, that’s how Fluther Found Me!

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I saw an article named something like “Better than the name indicates” somewhere online (where?!), read, investigated and have been here since.

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