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What's the corniest grocery store name that you've encountered?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) August 13th, 2007 from iPhone

North Carolina has the Harris Teeter or, as we liked to call it, Hairless Peter.

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Piggly Wiggly

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hehe We have both those here :D Aside from those I got nothing.

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In Pennsylvania where I lived for a while there is a chain called WaWa.

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We have a Quickie Mart near where I live. An Indian man runs it too. That's probably as interesting as it gets as far as grocery stores go around here.

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Moo & Oink. In Chicago.

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Yours & Mines (yes, that is how the sign reads)

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Hmmm, when I picture Grocery Stores, I envision larger corporate type of environments as opposed to your local convenience store. Here's how things shape up in my neck of the woods:

Winn Dixie

Bout it unless you want to count Target' and the Mega, Super, Multi Walmart's.

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I think I win then, we've got piggly wiggly, harris teeter, and winn dixie all within a few blocks. lol

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parrot's carrots is a very corny grocery store we have downtown

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Food King is a local chain in central NC. I guess the name isn't so bad, except that these are the kind of places that your feet stick to the floor as you walk...

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That reminds me of another one-- King Soopers in Colorado.

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Wag a Bag in south Louisiana

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Nice, I don't think we have one in North Louisiana.

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Anyone remember Food Lion? They went under primarily, I believe, to selling bad meat.

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@loupus they're still around down here

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Wow, really? Do you know if it's the same chain that used to be in north Texas in the 90s? I remember them having a big food scare and all the stores I knew of closed.

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Probably the same chain. Food Lion

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my mom and uncle grew up in Clarksville, TN and they both remember a store called Sugar Booger. (no joke.)

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