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Activities for 10 - 20 children ages 5 - 12?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) October 10th, 2008

last minute i agreed to help a friend and do a program for a group of orthodox jewish children to entertain them during morning shabbat services. it should be something like “games, role-play, storytelling, etc… fun and engaging!” it is shabbat, so it can’t have any electricity or writing involved, and would be awesome if it was jewish themed. any suggestions?

i can only think of asking the questions for to be answered in a circle – like: highlight of the week, describe your fantasy self, and hopes for next week – and then at the end tie those into shabbat themes. is this too much to ask for this age group?

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apples to apples!!!! we always play that at hillel after shabbat services, and we include the rabbi’s kids-they’re around 10ish.

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This site has Jewish crafts and games and might offer something.

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I would suggest planning many different activities based around one theme. One that works very well, and can be tied to judaism, is doing a “noah’s ark” theme (basically, an animal theme day).

Start by reading or telling them the Noah’s Ark story. Then you can do drama games where they act out an animal and other kids have to guess what animal it is, they can play “sharks and minnows,” pin the tail on the donkey, animal “memory” (where they turn cards over one at a time and have to match up the pairs before the animals go on the “ark”) etc. In a pinch, duck-duck-goose can work, but it’s a little too silly for 12 year-olds. Animal crackers for snack!

Towards the end of the time you can have them do something rainbow-themed if you want, but I’m not sure what you could do without having them draw pictures. Maybe you could have them string beads in a rainbow pattern to make necklaces? Or you could blow bubbles and look for the rainbow colors in the bubbles.

Have fun!

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I second Apples to Apples! What a great game!

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I thing they need to be busy and keep them of the messi street from. The game of chess and flower sticks plas improve the movements litle bit.

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kte flying, brass rubbings -use leaves etc, treasure hunts,
charades, cooking comp – split into groups, make a play

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20 kids ages 5 to 12? Are you insane??!!

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Duck, duck, goose.

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I agree with @Val123 ARE YOU CRAZY?????? My sister is in that age group and I could never deal with 20 of her.

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Try tug-of-war, hide and seek, tag, quiet mouse, or musical chairs.

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What about a scavenger hunt for prizes?

Maybe face painting too and musical chairs for prizes?

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