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Whats a good mixer for Tequilla?

Asked by Fallenangel (260points) October 10th, 2008

Need something that makes a good mix drink for some Jose

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Orange juice and Grenadine. Good old fashion Tequila Sunrise. One of my favorites.

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Jarritos mexican soda and tequila is good together.

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Ooooh I bet Jarritos is resally good with a little of the Jose Cuervo. My all-time favorite tequila mixer is Ginger Ale and a lime. It’s like a poor woman’s margarita for me.

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margarita mix?

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Jose Cuervo is best mixed with toilet water, then a sturdy flush. ;)

Try a shot of Sauza Hornitos with a half-shot of Cointreau and just under a half-shot each fresh lemon & fresh lime juice. Shake or mix with crushed ice. Now that’s delish.

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Add tomato juice, a couple dashes of worcestershire sauce, and a little salt and pepper to it. Pour over ice and you’ve got a Bloody Maria.

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There’s only one “l” in Tequila. I’m just going to assume that you’re already drinking it, and let this one slide by, angel. ;-)

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I’m with cheeb…good old margarita mix. Don’t forget the salt.

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corzo is mixed well with pineapple, mashed cherries and a splash of soda garnished with a lime and lemon wedge.

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@Astro. To have a bloodmaria you should add salsa to the bottom of the glass or shake with salsa.

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Anything lemon or lime flavoured. 7up or Sprite work well as mixers.

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judo, never had it that way. Tabasco works with it too.

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Thanks yall, i made a teq, sunrise tho. That was awesome. Then we got some Capt Morgan tattoo and mixed it was coke zero. That was great too.

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capt Morgan tattoo is the awfulness.

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It’s weak, but it was free so im cool with it.

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Make Tequila daqueris…mmmm!

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