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What things do people incorrectly assume about you based on the way you look?

Asked by TheNakedHippie (470points) October 10th, 2008

Have fun with this one… take it in whatever direction you like. I thought about this today… I wasn’t exactly part of the popular crowd when I was young (in high school specifically). I did the “smart kid” things. I was editor of the literary magazine, read a lot, hung out with the English teachers (nerd!), and so on. The closest I came to popular was when my graduating class voted me “Best to Bring Home to Mom.”

All that to say I have my belly button pierced. My fiancee always says how funny it is that I would have this because it’s not really characteristic of a “nerd.”

Also, when I got to college I started out studying Chemistry. I had a guy ask me what I was studying and when I told him he said I was too pretty to be doing that and should be looking into culinary arts “or something.”

What’s the most common misconception about you?

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well, most people think i’m very arrogant, i’m actually quite the opposite, others think i play metal, right now i’m listening to a jazz concert i played, people think i do drugs, while in reallity i’m kind of a straight edger, stuff like that

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can i see some I.D.?

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@iwanmoto: People think I’m arrogant too… I’ve been told it’s my eyebrows, haha.

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People always assume I’m a lot younger than I truly am. It’s a pain sometimes, because people that are actually my peers, treat me like I’m still a kid. It get’s annoying; everyone assumes I don’t know anything; like I’m naive or something.

And there is always the issue with the tattoos. When someone has known me for awhile, but they happen to have never seen me in short sleeves (like in winter), and suddenly one day ** BAM ** I have on a tank top and I’m covered in tattoos…the reactions are priceless. I think I am personally helping to change the prevailing attitudes about people with many visible tattoos.

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That I am a computer-dunce, for starters.

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That I play basketball, or volleyball, “or something”.

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That I’m ugly.

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You beat me to the punch! Was just logging in to ask a related/similar question:
What is something that people would never guess (about you) just by looking at you?

My answer to your question?
Probably not the most interesting answer, but definitely the most common:
That I’m one of the students and not one of the instructors.
My co-workers tease me for wearing our company shirts. I look like a nerd.
But I have to wear them whenever we have new students or I’d blend right in!

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People think I look German. I don’t know why they think this. I went to Germany
once, and not even one German ran up to me and called me Cousin Suse.

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I prefer to think I look French. I could be in that Renoir painting of the people dancing at the restaurant by the river. That could work for me.

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That I’m a teddy bear but I don’t mind. I like the hugs. :)

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people think I’m 13 when I’m actually 18. Many people think that I’m an old fashioned innocent chubby-cheeked kid, but they’re only half right. The other half can be quite “experienced”

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That I am athletic. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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People mistakenly believe that I am healthy.

I guess one cannot see diabetes and arthritis, nor a broken heart.

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Sometimes when I go into stores, the people working there, will follow me around the store, like they think I’m going to steal something…...
It pisses me off because I would never steal anything, I can’t stand people who steal!
So now everytime this happens to me, I just pick stuff up, walk around a corner and put it down before they can see me…..

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I usually have a smile on my face, and people assume that I’m a pushover. They soon find out that I love to say, “No”, and I can be quite vehement about it.

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I have very dark thick wavy hair with thick eyelashes and brows. When I was younger a had a pretty constant tan. I have been asked if I’m Italian, Arab, Mexican, Jewish, Native American, and almost anything except what I am -Irish-American and Cajun.

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That I’m intimidating and unapproachable.
Probably due to my size (6’1” 270lb.) and the fact that I look like I fell out of the Sopranos.

But I’m actually quite pleasant. I think “Honey! Am I pleasant”...“Honey?”

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cyndyh: Cajun? That’s Canadian + Injun, right?

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Some of us have the indian in the mix, but not all of us. We’re the swamp-french on American soil. :^>

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I have a few Cajun questions to ask, but I will save them for a thread where the word Cajuns appears in the original question.

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I’ll do my best at answering. :^>

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People always think I’m younger than I am. I almost lost my drivers license one time when I was buying some beer because the guy behind the counter was sure it had to be a fake. Also, I often get people speaking Spanish to me and I don’t know a word of it.

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Yes you do.

The word “No” is the same in English and Spanish.

Women are always saying it to me.

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Today someone thought I was from the Czech Republic…


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…where an abortion there is referred to as a cancelled Czech

I know: I’m dirt!

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@JackAdams…they assume you are healthy and they assume I’m fragile because I am (noticeable on the outside) sick. Because I lost my hair (chemo) or because I’m small, again…chemo…I must be fragile. Once I open my mouth and a strong opinion comes flying out….they know otherwise!

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People think I’m not a carbunkle on the hind end of a donkey.

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People like to assume I’m “badass” and/or a lesbian.

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I find that, for some reason, people underestimate me all the time. Obviously, my brilliance doesn’t show on my face or in the beachwear casual I tend to wear on a daily basis. It pisses me off a little bit, I mean, it’s just about the worst thing you can do, underestimating me, because I will turn around and blow you out of the water with my sheer (evil) genius/brilliance/problem solving ability/whatever. ;)

On the other hand, it does work to my benefit sometimes.. if people aren’t expecting it, I can surreptitiously use my powers of observation (and make use of my peripheral vision) to find out a LOT of information about who/what is around me. Muahahaha.

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@Alena: If only you’d use your powers for good! ;)

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I do, usually. Fortunately for the world at large.

Muahahahaha. :P

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I know what you mean Alena. When people assume I’m young and naive I can sit back and enjoy the show.

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Come on Jack, no one would use the syllable ”-jun” to stand for “Injun”, and no one
would think of “Injun” as a cultural type, because it doesn’t mean anything, it’s too
general and too slangy.

Cajun is a short easy spelling for “Acadian”, the subset of French Canadians
who were cast out of eastern Canada in the… 1700’s? and migrated to
south Louisiana.

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People are shocked the first time something smart-alecky comes out of my mouth. Or heaven forbid, a sexual innuendo! The first impression I create is one of someone quiet, kind of nerdy and rather unassuming. All I’m doing is watching to see who can take what I’m going to say. Once I know, then, ziiiiiiing!

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People always start off thinking that I’m really innocent, but I’m really not. They’re always shocked when they find out that I smoke weed, drink alcohol, and party as much as I do.

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that in person, my quite polite shy demeanor means I am a push over

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You know, Bri_L, I’m always told I look quite intimidating, but in a lot of ways I feel I’m quite a pushover. :-/

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Let me see here. I shall enlarge your thumb and see….

Bri_L's avatar

Im afraid I can’t comment as it half loaded and I wet myself with fear.

And please, call me Bri.


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Ppl think I’m mean and/or scary. I’m neither; I just like scary things. And I’ve never been mean to anyone in my entire life.

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Lurve to you, deaddolly. :^>

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@cyndyh Thanks, hun!

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You’re welcome. I just love to look at your avatar and then read things like that again. I know you’re a big sweetie, but it is funny to see that picture and then read something kind and calm and thought-out. Cheers!

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@DD: Good to see you again…was missing your presence!

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I was just semi-complaining to a friend about how people always underestimate me and she said, “Well, you’re fairly unassuming.” I’m glad she put a finger on it, because I really wasn’t sure what it was about me that would lead people to not expect much. Heh.

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People always assume that im a religious goody goody. In a room of people i always have the uber religious people come and start talking to me then are shocked when they find out that im am not religious in the slightest, drink, party and smoke weed. Im not gonna lie this vibe is GREAT for meeting a girls parents. Other then that its annoying cause alot of people assume that im a goody goody who will snitch about illegal activities.

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People assume that I am extremely knowledgeable and layered because I wear a T-shirt that says ‘Mensa’.

But if they actually talked to me they would find out I’m actually quite a dullard.

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I think people think I was in the porn industry (cough) I have big boobs and for most of my life I was blonde. I am sort of bubbly so all this booby bubbly blonde stuff the bbb’s make you come off as easy, or silly or dizzy. I seem to articulate better in writing than in words I have no idea why. That could make an interesting question. So I don’t think people realize I have a brain. I love jokes, love playing around, making people laugh, I am also a good mimic. I lost my calling really I should have been in the theatre. I am a theatrical actress stuck in corporate finance. Imagine all the shit I cause there!!

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People assume many things incorrectly about me….
1. I’m gay (only because of my small body)
2. I’m older than I am (because I’m pretty mature..okay that’s not on looks)
3. I like classical music (what the heck?)
4. I’m a nerd (....okay I know I’m kinda one)
5. I’m Chinese (I am asian though…why is it always Chinese?)

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