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I know this is a long shot, but does anyone here live in Watts, OK. I am looking for someone who supposedly lives there and wanted to know if you may know him-details inside?

Asked by jenlk1207 (440points) October 10th, 2008

His name is Zeth Cales, we went to school together and I am trying to find him. We lost touch a few years ago. I think his wifes name is Tiffany, and they have two young daughters. If anyone happens to know, please help me out. Thanks

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Six degrees of separation: you’ll find him..

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This is what I have found, so far:

He attended Hemet High School, in Hemet, California

Here are his dates of attendance:
Zeth Cales: 1999 – 2000

Contact the school and see what graduating class he was in (probably the Class of 2000, I’m guessing), and ask if they have a “last known address” for him.

If they tell you that they do, but can’t give it out to you (due to privacy concerns) then ask if you can mail a letter to him (at the school address), and the school can blindly forward it on to him (if you include the postage for them to do so).

If you can come up with more information about him, please PM me with it, such as the names of his parents or siblings, for example. Find the kin, and you might find him.

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His full name is ZETH ETHAN CALES, currently age 24, and has resided in Colorado Springs CO and Freeport Center UT, which is near Salt Lake City.

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@Jack Do you also know how much is in his bank account? lol

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$387.14, as of 7 PM EDT, yesterday (10–10-87).

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According to this they had a baby in Benton county Arkansas January.

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So, thanks to excellent detecive work from scamp, we now know that on February 3, 2007, Tiffany Danielle Dee Ellis and Zeth Ethan Cales of Watts OK had a daughter named Rose Maye.

Now, all we need is a current mailing address for the couple + baby.

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What a team, huh? Just like Dave and Maddie on Moonlighting!

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the power of the internet is creepy…

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thanks guys. I know he didn’t graduate from Hemet High. He dropped out. Thanks for the info so far. If you come up with anything else, please let me know.

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I am Tiffany ellis’s brother and i am also looking for them they have been missing from fayetteville arkansas area since july 2009 no word from either zeth or tiffany. tiffany has not even contacted her grandmother which she stays in very close touch with

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