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What are good online address books for keeping ALL info, not just email addresses?

Asked by jv62712 (1points) August 14th, 2007
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Outlook is great because it works with iphone too

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I'm hearing really good things about Plaxo, although I haven't tried using it myself.

Like @gooch, I'm dependent on Outlook, but I do intend to try Plaxo soon because it can also sync with Outlook, apparently.

Information Week has a flattering review of the current version.

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I have tried Plaxo and it works well but I guess I just stuck with Outlook because it's easy and I am used to it. Why do you want the change?

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@gooch I've been aware of Plaxo for quite some time but it's only now that I'm curious to try it out. There are two reasons:

1. The new Pulse feature looks interesting.

2. I didn't realize until their relaunch a couple of months ago that Plaxo now syncs with Outlook.

The second point is critical because other than my phone (which syncs with Outlook), I only have one copy of my entire address book -- and that's on the Outlook installed on my aging home PC.

I'm hoping Plaxo can serve as an online backup of my data, which I can access from any machine with an Internet connection. This way, I can resync with a fresh installation of Outlook if my local PC copy should crash. 8-)

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