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Do you ever "comb your carpet"?

Asked by spendy (1446points) October 11th, 2008

Yes, this is a dirty question but not in the sense you think. I’m talking about vacuuming. I have a friend who vacuums her carpet from time to time on the low (bare floor) setting and calls it “combing” her carpet. She claims it runs the bristles on her vacuum through the pile of her carpet (hence, combing) and puffs the carpet back up when it starts to get flat. Aside from probably being hard on the vacuum engine, would this really work? Has anyone heard of this or does anyone do it? I’m wondering if there are tricks out there to “puff up” high-pile carpet in high-traffic areas.

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You might want to try a carpet rake.

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seriously, a carpet rake?

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would the vacuum not create enough vacuum to make this happen? Anyway I say go for
Lysols carpet fresh and
Buy a lifting tool. You can
Find them on sale at walgreens next
To the left
Handed screwdrivers.

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It is a very good aerobic exercise for the vacuumer but not so great for the rug.

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Carpet rakes work great and really look like you are combing the carpet. We used them is the ‘70’s for our shag (orange) carpet. I was only a child then, but I am still damaged by the thought of it.

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Tes, Spendy….a carpet rake. Like someone said earlier, they were very popular back when shag carpets were around.

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I too had to rake the shag carpet – mine was a beautiful blue/green. It went well with the avocado green appliances my parents still have….

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Throw some crack in the floor and a crackhead will comb the floor all night.

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i actually designed a comb that will be powered by a vacuum cleaner. I have been looking for a company that will help me produce it but I have not found any company to help yet.

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