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Have any of you found cool "free item" postings on Craigslist in your city?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) October 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I have become addicted to Craigslist! Over the past few months I have conducted at least a dozen transactions that originated on Craigslist. One cool transaction was a 30gig iPod for an 8gig Touch, ended up being great for all involved! Another was a guy who responded to a “Wanted” post I had put up for an iPod Shuffle dock, and this guy contacted me within 2 hours and sold it to me for $5.00, after I had purchased a Shuffle earlier that day for $15.00! I am addicted. I amcinvinced you could furnish a home pretty nicely with free items. Any cool Craigslist stories?

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*am convinced (Touch issue)

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I have gotten a number of free things, most notably a ton of Lannon stone. I helped a man take down a wall of Lannon stone in return for his giving me as much as I wanted.

Craigs rules. I have sold things, bought things and rented my apartments through Craig“s.

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(@sueanne:that is gorgeous; I hope you got some free pink coneflower also.)

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Ive bought and sold a couple things on craigslist. From little things to as much as selling an old car.

One time i was buying a piece of equipment for my fishtank and the guy lived a good hour or so from me, but i was up in the area so i asked if i could meet him that day and pick it up. He told me he was on his way into work so i asked if i could just swing by there and grab it, he said no problem and then told me how to get to his work. He never actually mentioned the name of his store or anything like that over the phone, just said where it was located. Well i drive to where he said (in between this gas station and a office supply store) and im sitting out front of this place and im just thinking, “nooooooo theres no way this could be the store, i mean surely someone would mention something like this on the phone” So i call the guy and ask “hey ummm i think im at the right place, do you work at this hardcore porn store?” “yea ill be out in a minute”

WTF?! he should have told me, that way i could have brought some extra cash ;)

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