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How do you talk someone down in price when purchasing a used car?

Asked by scubydoo (751points) October 11th, 2008

As the question states, I’m just looking for advice n how to talk someone down when purchasing a used car. I’m going to view a used car (older 78 corvette) that a private owner has for sale. Can anyone give me any advice on what to look out for and how they have talked someone down from selling a used vehicle, to a cheaper price?

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when they tell you the price keep asking random questions about the it then say the price minus about 200 dollars or so. for example

car dealer: $1500
you: how old is it again?
car dealer: 25 years..
you: get good gas milage?
car dealer: heck yes
you: so $1300 you say?
... thats what my dad did when we bought our 60 inch tv.. except not with a car dealier haha

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lol. i forgot to mention, I found the ad for the car online and the person had put OBO at the end of the price. (ex 6900obo) so, I’m thinking he would come down on the price, but I’m just not sure how much. Just wondering what types of words i could use to get him to lower the price as much as possible.

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Research the vehicle’s resale value…if the price they want is reasonable I usually ask them if they’ll take 90% of the value. Reasonable for both sides usually….That’s how I got my 66 Mustang for $4,500 a few years ago :-) Enjoy your corvette..

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Try convincing the seller that you’re last resort. Say things like “I’d love to take it off your hands, but the price is just a little to steep.” “am I your first potentional buyer? I thought so.” “not alot of people looking for cars like this these days, huh?”

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Like googlybear says: Research the book value of the car.
Important: Make sure your mechanic throughly inspects the car to make sure that it is truly in the condidition the seller says it is. Mechanic may find lots of problems that you may want to avoid, or he may find problems that you can accept to fix, but that information should give you leverage for a lower price.

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