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Can allergies cause sores in a cats mouth?

Asked by Salty (52points) October 11th, 2008

My cat which is part Siamese, developes sores around the inside of mouth and face area, Had him at vet, just for antibiotics. I changed his dishes to stainless. Tried different foods and he continues to get sores, What Am I to do??

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People can get sores in their mouths due to stress. Could there be some anxiety your cat is going through? Changing foods and eating bowls could contribute to that stress too. Whatever it is, I hope he gets better. Good luck.

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Lots of possible causes. You will need the vet’s help to determine what is going on. There is the possibility of an upper respiratory virus, auto immune disease or even poisoning.

If you were not satisfied with the last vet visit, consider a cat specialist or veterinary school.

Please take kitty back. Some of the possibilities can be quite serious.

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Have your vet work him up further or find another vet – sores in the mouth can be and indicator of some very serious issues (calici virus, feline herpes virus, stomatitis, toxins, or kidney failure).

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Mouth sores could mean a variety of illnesses, some of them serious. Could be a vitamin B deficiency, or could be lupis.

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my cat was unable to eat because of sores in his mouth.

turned out to be renal disease which caused toxins to make these sores.

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