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What have you done to cut back during this financial crisis?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) October 12th, 2008

as a student, my money now goes solely to wards tuition and food (with the occasional concert)

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I’m independently wealthy, so there hasn’t been any need for me to “cut back” on anything, at this time.

If I need any additional money for anything, I’ll just rob another liquor store at gunpoint.

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I decided not to purchase my 8th yacht

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I don’t try to do anything on the weekends I go to work and go home and stay home on the weekends, I used to buy dvds just about every pay day and now I only buy them when I get overtime on my check and this year I haven’t bought too much to fix up my house this year. I guess if I were married things would change a little. The less I go out the more gas in my tank.

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Nothing, yet. I haven’t felt any effect (and I’m definitely not rich).

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I hve one of the smallest lawns known to mankind, so instead of replacing my aging, rickety old gas-powered lawnmower with a new one, I got an old reel (push) mower. Yeah I have to sharpen the blades but that’s what I would do with my gas-powered one anyhow. And it’s a great workout! Green, and money saver! Takes up less space in the garage. Takes just as much time to mow as well.

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I keep changing the thermostat on my hubby.

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I smell a divorce brewing…

Thermostats are sacred to men, like TV remotes.

Women aren’t even allowed to LOOK at them (in my house), let alone touch them.

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Live frugally and within your means every day, financial crisis or not.
Don’t bother trying to keep up with trends, the Jones’s or any consumer fads.
Evaluate everything you purchase to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money: sometimes this leads to brand names and sometimes not; don’t over or underspend for anything (unless the underspending is because something you need is a fabulously good price.)
Consume as little energy as you can on a daily basis.
Adopt a fashion sense that takes advantage enduring styles.
Learn to cook and enjoy foods and styles of cooking that minimize cooking times (usually increases prep time) and provide a good balance.
Don’t buy prepackaged things that are easily prepared at home (ie salad mixes). They are convenient but also expensive.
Accept the fact that most of the above will require more of your time.

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Forgot to add an important item:
Learn the difference between want and need.

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I live frugally no matter what…so there are no changes here. I will not be purchasing anything besides food and sundries…

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If I cut anything else out of my life, I’d be living in a box.

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I am also by nature not a spender. And I personally have never understood the joys of shopping. There are lots of energy-saving tips on Google…and have a peek at the second-hand clothing stores.

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This is what I’ve substituted so far:

Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha No Whip = 7/11 French Vanilla Cappuccino

Food (Subway/junkfood/Restaurant) = Home made sandwiches

Driving to the beach = NOT driving to the beach

Buy Crap I don’t need online = Not buying crap I don’t need online

what I am doing: Paying bills/loans/looking for a 2nd job


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I look for ways to save money on an ongoing basis. The current financial situation has done nothing to change/accelerate that….Just more of the same.

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I send notes to my creditors that read:

“I know that you will join with me in making sacrifices and ‘doing without’ my monthly payment, during this trying time for all of us.”

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And now I am changing the cell phone home phone service, to one which I hope will be less expensive.

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Not painting the kitchen
No new computer
No portable digital recording machine
No vacation this winter

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For my financial safety, I continue to live in Canada.

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We’re sort of backwards that way. He’s also the one who can’t leave the house until it’s cleaned up either. He sees the house as an extension of him. I hear that I’m supposed to be the one that feels that way. At least one of us does!

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We have started using Mint to identify where our money is going. We found that we were spending a lot on eating out. So, we’re trying to eat more at home. To our surprise, that is saving us enough to take one small trip somewhere each month, and we are beginning to feel healthier (I’ve lost a couple pounds!).

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I use, it’s great.

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Judi, your husband has a thermostat? I wouldn’t mess with that if I were you…

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We had been planning to proceed with some long-deferred large expenses—I mean like deferred for 20 years: new living room furniture, landscaping for the front and back yards. Now that we are nearly out from under some major burdens and the kids are too old to spill Cocoa Puffs on the sofa, it seemed like this would be the right time.

But we’ve put them back on hold. We may be weary of the old furniture, Cocoa Puffs stains and all, and the lawn may be embarrassingly scraggly, but the fact is that we can keep right on getting by with what we’ve got. Nothing depends on lawn or living room decor. My job is seriously at risk and may not last a year (one of those that really are going to Bangalore). Won’t be much comfort to sit on a new sofa looking out at a beautiful lawn and wonder if we can afford a box of Cocoa Puffs.

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I just added one more layer (fleece vest over sweater) and serious socks – the kind I could climb K2 in. This is indoor attire. I use Milo as a hot water bottle whenever he permits.

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I cut back on my cellphone usage. Try not to go over my minutes. Wear old clothes from last year and refrain from buying any new clothes if I don’t have to. I eat more at home and try not to smoke my brains out and save some for the next day. The lights in the house are set to a timer, thermostat temp down when nobody’s home, and leave the car home and walk if I can.

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Thrown the kids out!!

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Cut down?? We just bought a house, since prices and intrest are down! Best desicion (sp?) ever!

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@Milladyret: Good luck. Where do you live? I assume that you have a reliable income stream. (decision; interest).

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Thank you :)
I live in Norway, and despite the fact that Norway is the richest country in the world, our government is afraid to use our money. But hey, so far they’ve turned down the interes-rate to 4,1 %
So we bought a house, perfect timing, location, house, price and so on, and I love it :D

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I’ve been shopping a lot.

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I’ve been going through a lot of “want or need?” with everything I have. I quit all of my businesses except one (less outgo more income). Going to change over to different cell phone plan in September when current contract is up or maybe drop that altogether. Going with Comcast for the Triple Play coverage (one bill, not 3). Stopped buying brand names and buy store brands at grocery store. Take the kids to the beach instead of running the hose (we live 10 minutes away from free beach). Use a window fan instead of the AC. Run my errands in one loop circle, no back and forth wasting gas. Take the kids to Scara’s on wednesday nights for free “flavor of the week” ice instead of buying from ice cream truck. I still find ways to have fun with my kids because if I don’t, it creates expensive splurges/binges and pented up resentment on my part.

I also have been cleaning my house out big time which helps de-clutter my mind to think creatively about further ways to cutback and save. Clutter in my house is a reflection of the clutter I have inside me My back is killing me but it’s worth it.

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Spending into the economy as usual.

Voting against increased taxes.

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Last new year I made a resolution to try not to waste as much, food wise. Too much food gets wasted. I started (and still do) to “bulk cook”. When I make lasange, I will cook two huge trays and then use what I need for dinner, and the rest is divided up and placed into individual containers and frozen. I do the same thing when making a pot of mashed potatoes, I make a huge pot, then into containers and into the freezer. Next time I’m cooking dinner and need some mash with it, out of the freezer, into the microwave on high for 8 minutes and…... lovely fluffy mash. Cuts down on amount of energy you use, and works well since I work shifts and am sometimes too tired to make dinner from scratch.

Also works well with all sorts of things you would normally make. Make a bit more and freeze, your future (next day/week/etc) busy self will hug you for it :-)

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I don’t spend money when I don’t have it.

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@JackAdams Hey; that’s true! I’m not allowed to touch our thermostats either. lol Awful gadgets; high tech.
What I’ve done to cut back? I trim the shrubs with scissors. Believe it or not. Eat out a lot less.

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