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What school in New York area should I attend to become an airline pilot?

Asked by aedancarter (2points) October 12th, 2008
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Respectfully, as a private pilot, I wouldn’t recommend taking flight training anywhere in NY, and the reason I say that, is you want to learn in a place where the weather is good for flying, all year long.

For that reason alone, please allow me to point out that the best flight schools in the nation are located in The Sunshine State.

All the 9–1-1 terrorists trained there…

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OK, lets say i’ve moved to Florida.

What school in Florida area should I attend to become an airline pilot?

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As an airline pilot for a Major airline let me chime in. I assume you are the first one in your family to try to become an airline pilot. The best advise I can give you is to not find a school based on aviation. I know that sounds strange but you will have a better career by getting a four year degree in anything other than aviation and learning to fly on the side. Airlines don’t care where your degree came from or what it is in. I would look at something like engineering, law, business… anything that will give you something to fall back on. The airlines are always laying off people for downturns in the economy or any number of reasons. You can learn to fly at any general aviation airport and build your flight time while getting a degree in something else. Plus, once you are a flight instructor… about 250 hrs of flight time, you can be paid to instruct to help pay for your college. Good luck.

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@missingbite: I’ve already computer engineering degree. I just want to become an airline pilot in the future (not a private one) and I wonder where I can get trained and have the required certificate or degree.

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If you already have a degree you just need to get your pilots certificates including your Commercial Multi Engine Land with instrument rating. You can do that at a number of flight schools anywhere in the country. Most of these programs offer training from zero time to full ATP (Airline Transport Pilot). They can be very expensive. In New York area try any Part 141 flight school that is close to your house. If you want a full campus experience and money is not an issue try Embry-Riddle. Another choice would be All ATP’s. They have a campus in Trenton New Jersey. Just keep in mind that it is very expensive to learn to fly and the Regional Airlines don’t pay much. It takes years to recoup your training cost. But if you love to fly, it’s worth it. Good luck

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