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Why is "bling" so important to rappers?

Asked by leifmichelsen (26points) October 12th, 2008

Why does rappers care so much about money, expencive objects and brands etc.?

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the same reason people buy way more house than they can afford…it’s all about projecting an image. Look at me, I have more than you.

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because they’re greedy and want to be on the top.
just like the rest of us.

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It’s evolutionary. In the same way that a peacock shows his fitness to the peahen by having large, ostentatious tail, the rappers show their fitness by sporting massive bling, wads of money and pimped-out cars. This proves their ability to make money, and therefore to provide in a manly way for potential mates. It also gains esteem and “cred” from peers and thereby derives status for the rapper – which, as the Alpha male, will also attract mates or possibly even “ho’s” while also maintaining or improving their social position.

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I was just listening to rap early this morning. Not that I had a choice. It was coming out of a Jeep four miles away.

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shallow, ignorant, low self esteem….......not just rappers, but anyone who worships “BLING”

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Only wack rappers care ‘bout “bling”..

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Most people who listen to rap, kids especially, equate bling to lyrical skill. They think that the bigger the chain, the nicer you are, which is completely WRONG!!!

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Celt: I can see the implied correlation of size of bling to lyrical skill.
Can’t imagine they’re trying to be nicer though. That’d be funny!
Unless, of course, nicer is some new-fangled euphemism for really badass.

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Um…yea sounds more like the second thing you said…and its not new btw. When a rapper says “I’m nice,” it means, “I’m the best at what I do.”

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Ha. Thanks for the clarification.
Right now, I am feeling like adding to this thread.

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Because they’re ignorant, I mean look, they were just related to a peacock in the way they attract a mate/ho/whore. Come on, you don’t get much more ignorant than that.

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MooKoo, then almost everyone is ignorant. Guys who go to the gym to embiggen their muscles or who drive sexy cars, women who wear makeup or push-up bras—is that all ignorance? It comes from the same base reason.

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I realize everyone doesn’t think as I do, but I don’t find it attractive when a female tries to look ‘sexy’. I prefer modesty, and I know a lot of people don’t, probably 75% of the world’s population or more don’t. Why do I prefer modesty, because to me it shows, that she cares for her body and for herself, and she’ll be more likely to care for me, and when it comes along, our children. When it’s all about lookin’ sexy and having ‘bling’, then you start to see out of marriage sex and all the bad that comes with it. Because that’s what lookin’ completely sexy does, it makes you wanna’ have sex, not much more than that right? This isn’t true for everyone, but a lot of that tends to come out is all I’m saying, and it’s ignorant. =/

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Because it’s shiny and it twinkles in the light. Sometimes that all it takes to captivate someone.

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The blinging rapper is like a starving person. You have been with out for so long, that when you get it more ends up on your shirt then in your tummy.
It is so “peacockish” it does nothing more then promote false hope. Causing too many people to become posers and child like. Never understanding the importance and value of proper money management. Or in the above example, the reasoning behind why you should take your time and properly chew your food.

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@laureth: LOL… wonderful description, couldn’t have said it better myself.

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“MooKoo, then almost everyone is ignorant. Guys who go to the gym to embiggen their muscles or who drive sexy cars, women who wear makeup or push-up bras—is that all ignorance? It comes from the same base reason.”

Yes it is ignorance. But do not take offense, we all carry a little around with us.
Including, insecurity.

But when you overly flaunt it as rappers does. Then it really truly becomes…
Blatant, Ignorant Insecurity.

Being pawned off as a positive because there is money involved.
The making of large amounts of money does not equate to wisdom and security.

Mostly just luck, in the rappers case.

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because it only has 5 letters in it.

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