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How many fluther members do you know in real life?

Asked by girlofscience (7532points) October 12th, 2008

I thought it might be interesting to see how many fluther users the average flutherer knows in the real world.

If you know other fluther users in person…
– Did he/she introduce fluther to you?
– Did you introduce fluther to him/her?
– Did you both find fluther independently and then realize you know each other while participating in the forums?
– Or, have you met in person as a result of fluther?

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I know three: nikipedia, manoffaith, and rockstargrrrlie.

nikipedia introduced me to fluther.
I introduced manoffaith (my boyfriend) and rockstargrrrlie (one of my girlfriends) to fluther, although manoffaith hardly uses it, and rockstargrrrlie is just getting started.

Oh, and one of my coworkers (melissasb) once posted a question but I’m pretty sure that’s the only time she’s used it.

So, I guess I technically know four.

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Sadly, just AstroChuck. But in a biblical sense!
Still don’t quite understand him, though.

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Zero. Not even lightlyseared.

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None. Though I live near many flutherites.

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As far as I know, none, but who knows…

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I know…Lkidkyle1985 (went to high school with him), RandomMradam (brother), Buzzpoet (friend from first year in college), and Mowens (friend from first year in college)

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@RandomMrdan: Great! Can you let us know which one of the conditions (as mentioned in the description of this question) occurred with each of these people?

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Gimmedat is my sister, NevadaOldGuy is my dad, and Cecildooderbop is my niece. Those are the only Flutherers I know in real life.

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I don’t think I know any - but for all I know this could be one big giant social experiment engineered by my cousin who’s a psychologist to see how our family communicates anonymously without all the pressure of years of familiarity and hurt and resentment and, and….OH MY GOD! I KNOW YOU ALL, DON’T I?!?!?!

THAT’S IT…STAY BACK aunt Bertha; I’m so sorry about that time at Grandma’s…

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@SuperMouse: And, did you introduce them to fluther, or did they introduce fluther to you?

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@GirlofScience, Gimmedat and her husband introduced my father, my niece and me to Fluther. But I try not to rub it in that I have more lurve than the three of them put together.

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Oh yeah. I forgot my wife.
How could I have done that?

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@AstroChuck: Yikes! What the hell?

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Head hung in shame. I should lose some lurve for that.

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@girlofscience…sorry, sometimes I skip the details =)

Lkidkyle introduced me, and I introduced the rest to fluther.

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One, I had lunch with Andrew a few weeks ago at Langer’s.

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at least 8

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none….they’re all too far away :(

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As far as I know, only one.

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@kelly: Wow, eight is a lot! Who are they—and did they introduce you to fluther or the other way around?

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Like Kelly, who has signed the non-disclosure statement, I also know 8, six of whom are

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I know three, Trance24 (my wonderful girlfriend), simone54(friend/old coworker) and Iceblu (friend).

I found the site and then introduced all of them to it over time.

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I know two. One introduced me to Fluther, and I introduced the other. I’m in the middle of the Fluther chain!

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I know one… Scamp, and she didn’t really introduce me to Fluther as much as I was wondering what was up with the weird jellyfish I saw on her screen throughout the day.

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Only one, my daughter. I found the site, and roped her right in!

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Two – but I kinda wish I knew more of you guys in real life. I think we would make a funny sitcom. Especially when we’re drinking.

Judochop is my husband – he got me into it. I think he’s been banned a few times.
Bearfair is my best gf – I got her into it, but she has a fancy new bf now and tends to favor so she’s not on as much.

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About 8.

I’m “related” to the Finkels by college – my son was Ben’s roommate and also a good friend of Andrew’s. My son and daughter-in-law were members before me, but have gone on to lead productive lives in the real world and are less active members now, while I, who joined after them, am still trapped in Jellyland.

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Ben’s mom told me and our mutual friend Artist Jean. I’ve told a lot of people.
They haven’t joined, they just ask me quizzically, “Are you still doing that flutter?”
“Are you still doing that slither?” “Are you still doing that flipper?” “Are you still doing
that shudder?” OR ELSE: they have joined, but I don’t know their jellynames, and
they’re laughing at all the silly things I say.

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I know my brother, Schenectandy.

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Zero. At least I think so.

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I only know 1 flutherer in real life, and he introduced me to fluther.

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none although I live close to two of you

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None what so ever

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Just you and manoffaith. You introduced me to fluther! :D

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Correction. I did meet a Flutherer once, but I wouldn’t say that classifies me as knowing him.

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@Megan64: Under what circumstances did you meet a Flutherer?

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When I stopped posting at “the site that shall not be named” I posted my real website and a couple of people emailed me to see if it was real. Unfortunately they were people I didn’t want to know. At the same place I did some genealogical research for a couple of people but even though I know their names, ethically they have to initiate any offsite communication. So I know who piople are over there but I have never met them face to face.

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@girlofscience: It was a chance meeting.

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I know at least five. They include a sister, a sister’s best friend, a best friend, an ex-girlfriend, a current-girlfriend, and perhaps others…

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edit: Though there are some flutherers that I consider to be my friends whom I have never met in “real” life. (What is this, anyway? Fake life?)

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I know 5. It was bluemukaki who got us all to join, I think. This includes joeysefika, yannick, and will3192. I then got sarcofago to join up. That’s all as far as I know :P

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I know one, he introduced me to this site. I don’t know his screen name yet. I guess I’ll have to bug him about that now! I always ask him questions because he’s great at answering them, and he recently referred me here.

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Not any, so far as I know. I’ve been tempted to mention it to a friend just for the fun of seeing how long it would take us to find each other out. But I decided that I like the not knowing.

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I know one, and I referred them to fluther. :) Christine_Jane. Yup.

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One from high school, but had not talked to her since then, over 20 years. She found me on facebook and later introduced me to fluther. Unless there are people I know and I don’t realize it?? Not everyone uses there full name on Fluther ya know.

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I now know 5 Flutherites in real life. Another daughter (mangeons) joined, I met McBealer, and introduced 2 people from my high school years (one who stayed, and one who didn’t really stick around).

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None that I know of. I don’t know anybody who’s as internet geeky as I am.
Although, I am part of the social network resistance (facebook) despite numerous attempts by people; only have multiply for my pictures, and tumblr for random interesting quotes and pictures.
I find it a tad overwhelming to keep up to multiple social sites.

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1 and that’s me.

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zero, I think its better that way. I feel like most of my questions and opinions on here are ones I would like to keep private from people that actually know who I am.

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I talked to Ben’s mom last summer on the phone. Does that count?

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@breedmitch: Yes (and I count, also).

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As far as I know, none.

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I just met schockvalue today. He did some artwork for the bar.

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I just met aprilsimnel. She came to the bar.

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I’m so visiting your bar someday. I mean it!

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Me too. I’ll drag Grisaille along. Where is it?

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Party at breedmitch’s bar!

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Park Slope, Brooklyn.
All are welcome!
I’ll host the East Coast convention.

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@All; And be sure to peek at Ike and Ziggy. (Here’s a wonderful short poem about an old cat called Pushkin)

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I just met Simone_de_Beauvoir and Jean_Paul_Sartre. I invited them to my bar. They had a date night out without the kids. Super nice folks…

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Nada, zip, nope, none.

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