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What's the price of gas in your area?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) October 12th, 2008

i’ve been stunned both by the speed and the size of the drop in price here. we drove to florida at the end of last month and planned on gas being $4.00. since then, it has plummeted to $2.94.

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I was fairly shocked to see $2.97 yesterday, when less than a week ago, it was around $3.25.

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$3.55 in Atlanta, Georgia for regular.

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I saw 2.77 yesterday i was jumping with joy…...why i was happy about this gas that was still high i dont know, but at least its starting to come down right?

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Today it is $3.07

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I drove about 250 miles on Friday, and I saw everything from $2.99 to $3.49. Just the stretch of road right before I got onto the interstate had a range of $3.19 to $3.49, getting higher in proximity to the interstate.

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2.91 here, at the cheap stations. Lots of places are still 2.99

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Well, the cost of oil has been dropping quite a bit as shown here, good to see that the gas prices are reflecting this drop :)

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Around 3.75 in these parts.

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I drove to Bemidji yesterday- 10/11/08, $2.71
in my little town it is $2.91

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WOW, $2.77!!!! Here in Tampa, FL it’s been dropping steadily almost daily. Today I saw $3.20 which is a bargain here, surprisingly.

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$2.82 here in SA

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I saw a bunch of people all trying to get into one gas station with gas at $2.67 yesterday.

The price of oil dropped more than 10% on Friday

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$2.94 here in Northeast Texas!

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Still way up around $3.40 here in south Puget Sound, even at the tribal-center gas station
(this is for the lowest octane they have). How come you guys are lucking out?

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$3.78 in Newton NC for Regular

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Still around 3.39 in Seattle area.

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Now $2.28 in Northeast Texas.

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10/27/08 $2.39 in northern MN.

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I filled up for $2.49 on Friday.

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what?! you guys have high prices reg unl here is 1.79 o.O 11/4/08

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my gas station was $1.55 this morning.

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1.52 !! ^_^
i <3 berlin nj

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