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Blackberrys vs Iphone?

Asked by dallas44 (50points) October 12th, 2008 from iPhone

Being an iPhone user, I’m a bit curious as to why the blackberry is so popular and what advantages does it have versus the iphone?

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Zip, iPhone is the shixx. But I’m guessing some people are afraid of the all touchscreen concept thinking it’s impossible to type with and you have to calibrate it every now and then.

I type faster on an iPhone as anything else and you never need to calibrate it .

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iPhone, yep, much better.

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iPhone by a mile. But…I’m an Apple geek.

My PC friends think the iPhone is cool, but they worry about integration into their PC/Microsoft life. Yes I’ve tried to convince them, but inertia is king.

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my iPhone has been the most unreliable phone in terms of service and function. It randomly drops calls, looses signal, screen freezes, you name it. Sometimes I have to restart it just so it will search for a signal. This is my second iPhone. I have to carry it because this is the phone my job buys for it’s ambassadors. I NEVER once had a problem in the three years on a blackberry. iPhone is just glitchy.

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I’m thrilled someone’s asking this! I’m debating on getting an iPhone and the only thing that makes me kinda nervous is the all-touch screen… Typing does seem a bit difficult. Is it just a learning curve, or is it really very tricky?

Lurve to you, Dallas! ;]

And hello to all of you who don’t know “TheNakedHippie”!

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I vote for Blackberry.


I have an iPhone 1st generation, and a Blackberry 8800. Between them there’s the same difference that you could find between a flashy toy and a powerful business tool that never let you down.
Blackberry battery lasts longer. (Yet, it doesn’t play music that good. But I challenge you to listen to it and then make more than 4 or 5 calls during the day. I charge my BB two or three times per week, using it madly 24/7.)
Quality of calls is much better.
Email management is top class and unrivalled amongst any other pda.

Yes, you still don’t have those fashion apps, but you will soon find yourself not needing them at all.

Almost forgetting: there is nothing like typing on my keyboard. No touch screen will ever get even close to it.

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I love my iPhone. Never have any problems with it and am constantly using the many features.
You will get used to the typing the more you do it.
It is like having a computer in your pocket. It is great!

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Had this exact debate with a friend of mine (an ultra diehard BB user) just 2 days ago. We went back and forth for probably an hour comparing features, functionality, ease of use, etc. End result… He’s buying an iPhone on Tuesday even though his work pays for his BB. There wasn’t one single area in our discussion that the BB was better than the iPhone. We agreed the iPhone either matched of bettered everything we compared. There were many things, like for example the ability for the iPhone to access and stream my personal music library (over 200GB) to me anywhere I have cel coverage, that the BB just can’t even begin to compete with. Also the touchscreen keyboard is amazing. It changes automatically to be context sensitive to what you are doing (like having a ”.com” button when you are typing a URL), no physical keyboard will ever do that.

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I used to be a BB user, I have had 3 over the years. I was a die hard BB user, in fact…but I just got frustrated with them to be honest. Yes, BB is a major player in the corporate environment, but there are some limitations. HTML emails are nearly impossible to deal with on a BB. Yes I know you can buy programs to deal with them, but it isn’t perfect. The browsers are honestly sub-par, no wifi, and getting music and pictures on and off the BB is labor. I found you either love or hate the “pearl” button on most the new BB devices, as with the keyboards; I liked the keyboard on my 8300, hated the keyboard on the 8800. I am one of the people that had bad luck with BB devices, my 8300 was a lemon…but that happens to every kind of device at some point, that doesn’t make them all bad. As someone who needs to compose and read messages in different languages, the iPhone is a shoe in! No other device can change keyboards on the fly, none. Typing is super easy, and I actually type faster on this than my BB. Take my opinion for what it’s worth: it’s just what works for me…there will always be die hard fans on both sides. But I admit, the iPhoneis much more fun.

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never had a BB, but the iPhone works great. And they keep making it better, with software releases… If you only want it for email – maybe blackberry is sufficient, but if you want calendar, web browswer, file repository, images, blogging software, music player, videos, etc iPhone is great.

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This answer maybe too late, the answer is “It all depends on what you use it for.”

I personally love my Blackberry. :) Email, text, quick word look up on google, and constant talking and text and instant messaging.

Thats all for me. My ipod stays in my pocket and plugs in my car.

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Personally i wouldnt get the BLACKBERRY because the pad ball is very sensitive and it gets messed up for any little thing. THe iphone is much better to me.

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