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Help with Mandriva?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) October 12th, 2008

Okay, so I’m trying to get Mandriva Linux and put it on my laptop. I downloaded it off of the internet onto my iMac, and now I’m trying to get it onto a disk so that I can boot up on my laptop. The only problem is that the boot file is too large for the disk. Any one have an idea of a good way to get it on the laptop?

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How are you trying to burn it to the CD? Are you sure you’re marking it as ISO CD image or something along those lines? It seems very unlikely that they’d release an image that doesn’t fit on a CD (unless it’s a DVD image, of course). Can you provide a link to the file you downloaded?

Also, you might want to add the topic “Mandriva” next time ;-)

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Yeah I just got Ubuntu and put that on a disk. Then I charged my machine, turned it on, and put in the disk. I think I need to take it apart again and make sure the hard drive is set up right I may need to get a new one the original wasn’t in such good shape. Thanks for the help though.

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As far as I know Mandriva is either a 3 CD or 1 DVD OS, unless you download the Mandriva Linux One disk which is a Live CD as well, so make sure you have the right file first :)

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When running from a LiveCD, you shouldn’t even need a hard drive. Just set your BIOS to boot from CD (I say “just”, but you’ll have to find the option first. Do Macs even have a BIOS? In any case, make sure you’re booting from CD).

If Skyrail is correct then you have to make sure you download the CD images and make sure you’re starting with the first one. I’m still waiting for the link ;-)

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