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Where were the aerial scenes in Top Gun filmed?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) October 12th, 2008

My sons wants to know.

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Damn! Stole my line!

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That’s what I told my son but he wanted something more specific.

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But seriously, Check here

I would say that it was most likely off the coast of San Diego.

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@ fireside,
that is what my son said too. I thought it was over New Mexico or Utah. But then I only saw it once and he’s owned the DVD for a year and who knows how many times he has viewed it?


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Well, to be fair. if you’re in a jet, then Utah is right off the coast…

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@fireside (rofl)


kevbo's avatar has location info for movies. Looks like San Diego and Nevada.

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Most likely filmed over Nevada and/or Utah and/or Cali. There are USAF bases in all 3 states that house fighter pilots that would have been used for most of the combat like filming. Another guess would be somewhere in the Pacific just off of an aircraft carrier. The Navy has some pilots that live at sea pretty much. I am sure it is a mix of Navy and USAF and possibly even Army and Marine footage and scenes were shot around the USA .

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