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What can i do to stop the chewing?

Asked by towens0808 (16points) October 12th, 2008

I have a full blooded Black Lab and she is about 7 months old. She will chew on anything that she can get her paws on.

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There are “chew toys” that you can get for dogs like that, and any pet store can help you with that decision. So can your dog’s Vet.

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Offer you dog as wide a variety of acceptable chewing items/toys.

Remove as many of the not acceptable items as possible.

If this is occuring while you are away from home, you might want to consider isolating the puppy in an acceptable dog cage or into a certain room. We did this via a baby gate across the kitchen entrance. This way she had access to food, water, bed and toys.

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Well, in my experience’s with dogs, I find the options and practices of The Dog Whisperer. If it tries to crew on something in particular, stop it from getting to the object. Caesar talks, on many occasions, about keeping the focus of the dog on your self, or just even braking that drive it has to chew.

My recommendation would be to check out the library for one of his books about dog psychology and see if any of those techniques help. I have used them on my dog and with in a day he stopped trying to bite everything that moved and within a week stopped barking at those things too.

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Make sure the puppy has access to acceptable chew items, restrict access to unacceptable chew items, and crate when not under direct supervision.

In the meantime, sign yourself and the puppy up for obedience classes.

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well i have gave her tons of rawhide bones and soaked them in different kinds of soup to make them more intersesting. I have also gave her tennis balls and toys but she still seems to like the wicker furniture we have outside. Today she chewed the rope pull off of my push mower while i was working in the shop

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@towens; sorry, but I am laughing. ^^

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Sour apple spray!
Labs are famous for this.
Relax, it will all be okay.

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