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How do you nicely tell someone I told you so?

Asked by jdogg (871points) October 12th, 2008 from iPhone

do I say I told u so then hug them or what??? I sucks when don’t so I have too.

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How do you nicely tell somebody their grammar sucks?

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how do I tell someone I’m typing on a Iphone and to give me a break

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Dude the second part of your question doesn’t even make a shred of sense

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I’m saying give me a break it’s hard to have good grammar when typing on a iPhone

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You can flag your own question.
The mods might give you another go at cleaning up your grammar.
That will probably get you more relevant responses.

(Steve Jobs always gets me too.)

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flagging isn’t available on iPhone

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Just flagged you. Clean it up when it pops in your inbox.
Otherwise, people like to nitpick iPhone-butchered questions.

But in regards to your question, why say I told you so anyway?
Probably just adding insult to injury, don’t you think?

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I know but they do it to me constantly so I want to remind them that I was right but respectively

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I think their memory will do it for them without you stooping to their level?
Usually when it happens, they already look pretty embarrassed.
A shrug from me is all it takes to acknowledge the fact.
Anything more is probably overkill.

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ok thanks for the advice

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Not sure how helpful I was, but sure thing.
Welcome to Fluther, by the way.

PS You also get a five minute window to fix your stuff.
(ie I think you meant respectfully?)

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howza bout you just invite them to fluther?

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Why do you have to tell this person “I told you so”? The next time it is you who is being reminded that you were told, could you just ask this person not to do it? Aside from annoying this individual and possibly giving them a taste of their own medicine, what do you hope to accomplish?

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Change friends who don’t play the I-told-you-so-game.

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It isn’t nice to say ‘I told you so’. As much as you may want to, don’t do it.

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There is no nice way to do it. Since you know that you told them, let that be enough for you.

Focus instead on having a bit of compassion for them. I am sure that you have made mistakes or done things that people told you were not a good idea. Sometimes we just have to find out for ourselves.

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Look at them. Breath in. Turn around. Walk away.

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You know what’s ironic a episode of office was on today and it’s the one where a corporate lady wants to fire one of the employees from
The office and michael doesn’t want her too. Long story short the corporate lady’s boss yells at her for wanting her to fire the employee and michael asks “how do to tell someone I told you so nicely, with a cup of sugar, a bag of candy, a hug???”

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