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Which state is the best state in the U .S.?

Asked by missjena (910points) October 13th, 2008 from iPhone

this questions just for fun! Curious what people would say and why

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Right now, the state of solvency.

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Altered state?
State of denial?
State of mind?

I’ll go with
State of Love and Trust. :^>

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Most beautiful? Hmmm. California? Alaska? Montana? Wyoming? (I like mountains and oceans and dramatic landscapes).

Best urban state: New York? California? Neither contains my favorite city, but both have some damn good cities!

State with favorite historical moments: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania. It’s cool to live in places that go back farther than any other state in the US in terms of recorded history.

State with best coastline: California. It’s got just about everything!

k. nuff for now.

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great answer! You’ve been a lot of places!

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California has the most attractive state flag. Although I really appreciate the simplicity of New Mexico’s and Alaska’s.

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Texas doesn’t even need the rest of the U.S. – we’re a fully sustainable state [country, teehee] as far as natural resources go. We have four climates in one state —Florida/California style muggy humid heat, Arizona/New Mexico deserts, Oklahoma-style plains, and Colorado-style mountains and chilly weather. We have ports, and access to water [The Gulf], we have oil, coal, cattle, all manner of garden produce, a border to another country with whom we could form close ties…

The list could go on – but I am a proud Texan.

A bit too much, I’d say. :P We do it big in Texas.

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@squirbel: I’ve never understood why Texas didn’t leave. I mean, their attitudes are big enough to make them confident they should dump the rest of the country.

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Without people – CA
With people – Texas

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lol :)

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Not Wyoming. I will never set foot in Wyoming again. If I have to go hundreds of miles out of my way, I will avoid Wyoming for the rest of my life.

My favorites: New York and everything in New England.

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If I told you about Washington you would all move here. And we’re running out of room.
So I won’t.
Though it would be fun to see you all downtown…

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I love Washington state. Lurve to you, susanc. I’ve been to most of the Continental US and think most states have some beautiful sights. But this is where I chose to live. :^>

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I love new York. It has all 4 seasons. You wanna go to the beach? Sure! You wanna go to the city ? Sure! Country? Sure upstate! Hamptons?! Celebrities everywhere! Need to get your nails done at midnight? Sure! Wanna make good money? Sure! In ny there’s always something to do ! But downfall its very expensive to live but on average you do make more money here.

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I grew up in Maryland, and love it. Mountains, ocean, forests and farms. Lots of history. Right outside Washington, DC, but not DC-like.

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I love Wyoming! @MacBean you were probably in the southern part of Wyoming…. it does get a little boring down there. But up towards the North it’s beautiful. My favorite states go: 1: South Dakota 2: Colorado 3: Wyoming. Three best states

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Hands down Washington. Two mountain ranges including the tallest mountain in the continental U.S, Ocean, desert, plains, Largest temerate rainforest in the country, inland sea (containing more shoreline than the rest of the west coast) borderd by the best contry in the world (no drug wars) more lakes than Minnesota, the best city fo music in 50 years (Hendrix,Heart,Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice n Chains, Dave Mathews, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Modest Mouse, Candle Box, Mudhoney, Temple of the Dog, Mad Season. Kenny G, Danny Barnes. Death Cab for Cutie, Mother Love Bone. Should I go on.) Not to mention the best outdoor concert venue in the country (The Gorge) Best companies (Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, ect) 4 exelent ski resort’s with lots of elevation and great steep terain. Less rain than San-fransisco and Miami. An unparreled island Archepelego (San Juans) And if you want to fight us we have the largest stock of weaponry in the country. (Sub base Banger, Keport, Naval Shipyard Bremerton, Naval Magazine Indian Island two major airforce basses) If W.A. seceeded from the U.S.A. we would be the third largest superpower in the world. P.S. we dont need oil, we make the majority of our energy the smart way, sustainably. The only thing that sucks about W.A. is our sport teams and the idiots that are moving in like crazy. P.s. Please dont move here.

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