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How would a Fluther Hall of Fame work?

Asked by segdeha (1707points) August 14th, 2007

If Ben and Andrew were to implement a Fluther Hall of Fame, how should it work? Should there be a nominate link, like the great question link? Should the community vote on it or should it be an automatic thing based on a number of "great question" kudos?

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I think it would have to be a community vote. I've seen some users with high scores who I personally don't approve of.

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It should be voted on because sometimes answers are just conversations between two people not answers or sometimes steps one question one step at a time. If it is automatic it should be based on the number of great answers....But I like the of fame idea.

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Are we really here to get points or be at the top of the hall of fame? I think we are all here to try to help others out............and to get help with a few questions we have in our own lives. I certainly am not here to make points. I am here to make friends and hopefully pass along a little bit of my own personal wisdom...haha

I don't care how many points I have or anyone else has. Points is not what this is about!

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@mzgator, I was not suggesting a Hall of Fame as a way of earning cred or notoriety. I thought it would be a nice way to highlight some of the best threads on the site. Of course we're all here to help each other out. It's certainly not about points for me.

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it should be based on the number of people actually liking a user through votes
personally i think we shouldnt have a hall of fame - because then more people would be cheating and answering questions just to be on the hall of fame -instead of answering to help people
i say abolish the score and let everyone be treated equal

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Ah, OK, I get where the controversy is coming from... What I meant was a Hall of Fame for questions not people! Sorry, everyone!

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as for the hall of fame for questions, i think it should be based on a combination of how many replies a question gets and a community vote

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Do we need another popularity contest in life? Even for questions?

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I vote for "pedro"

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