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Ideas for wedding card saying with movie titles.

Asked by iJimmy (869points) October 13th, 2008

A friend of mine is getting married and I am giving them a NetFlix subscription for a gift. I would like to put a nice little saying on the card that uses movie titles. But I’ve been racking my brain to get started and have not come up with much. Maybe the collective can spark some ideas.

Thought starters…
From this day forward “It’s a Wonderful life”
Together you can weather “The Perfect Storm”
You’ll never be “Home Alone”

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Not sure how you want to work it in, but you should incorporate In The Mood For Love.
Not just a situationally-apt title, but a great movie!

Very cute idea, but you might want to reign it in just a bit.
You’re on the brink of cheesy. But I guess cheesy things are cute for weddings. =)

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“Then wove… twuuuu wove, will fowwow you, forevaaah…”

You can’t miss with The Princess Bride :) Romantic and funny at the same time!

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You could refer to great movie couples.
Fred and Ginger
Tracy and Hepburn
I’ll try to think of some more.

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You could just use wedding or love related movie titles all over the background of the card (funny: So I Married an Axe Murderer and/or serious: Romeo & Juliet), and not worry about making quotes out of them. You’d probably have far more to choose from if you didn’t have to “fit” them into a quote.

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I think I am OK with cheesy. That’s kind of the point. Thanks for the ideas. Here is my work in progress…

Rhett and Scarlett,
Harry and Sally,
Jerry and Dorothy
From “Casablanca” to “Sunset Blvd.”
May you fill your “Days of Wine and Roses”
and your nights with the “Sound of Music”
May your “Field of Dreams” come true
And always remember “It’s a Wonderful Life”
when you live “Happily Ever After”

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That’s pretty good!

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Well-rendered cheesy. Me likes.

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