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What is Wrong With Being a Virgin?

Asked by sethmedia (80points) October 13th, 2008

Why does everyone want to have sex? Why not wait? Why do it now?

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This woman didn’t want to have sex.

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nothing wrong with it. it’s up each person. no one should be made to feel bad for a decision like that. on the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with liking sex!

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What I don’t get is why so many men put the pussy on the pedestal.

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Nothing is wrong with being a virgin. Hell I used to be one. Sex can wait, Masturbate!

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What is wrong with being a virgin?

Absolutely nothing.

Why does everyone want to have sex?

Because it feels pretty damn good.

Why not wait?

If you’re not ready, you should…if you are ready and have a partner who is ready, why would you wait?

Why do it now?

If you’re ready to do it now and you have a partner who is ready to do it now, why shouldn’t you?

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There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. But that’s also a completely different question from “Why does everyone want to have sex? Why not wait? Why do it now?” To which the only real response is “Why wait?” After all it feels good, great even. So there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin, but there’s also nothing wrong with having sex.

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There’s nothing wrong with it at all, if someone pressures you just be like hey.. tool, listen.. i don’t care about it so why do you care about it so much?

It personally isn’t anything to me at all, it is just a different connection that I can make, it isn’t something that is totally religious to me or anything it’s just a natural relation.

For me personally i didn’t have a reason to wait, but at the same time i had no reason to do it anything, admittingly i’ll try just about everything once (unless i know it’s just plain stupidly bad for me) but for me personally sex isn’t a huge deal, and honestly in my opinion there is no reason TO make it a big deal, it’s up to you really, it’s what you believe and want to make it, but hey, no one said you had to listen to what other people say, it’s your decision, don’t let others make it for you.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin. I’m proud to say I’m going to wait until God sends me a mate and we are married before I give myself away. I even wear a “True Love Waits” ring to manifest it to the world. Even if one isn’t doing it for spiritual purposes, health wise it’s more sensible to abstain and only have intercourse w/ one person. I know this is completely opposing what the majority of the world believes, but these are my morals and values. I’m not trying to press them on anyone, just so you all know, but I do feel very strongly about this, considering the ever increasing rate of teen pregnancies and “convenience” abortions in our country.

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Welcome to the collective.

Who is “everyone?” Why do you assume that everyone wants to have sex and not wait? In fact, there is a growing movement of people who choose to wait and throughout time some people have chosen to wait.

Just do what is right for you.

Also, try to stop making broad generalizations.

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Marina, “there is a growing movement of people who choose to wait.”

I would require evidence to believe such a statement. That’s not the impression I had of the world.

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In some peoples minds it implies that youre ugly, I guess that’s it.

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@lapilofu In the U.S. among teens chastity vows (and rings) are a fad.

@Magnus Those are exactly the people that one should not care what their opinion is.

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It’s a personal choice that you have to make…

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to remain a virgin. When the time is right for you, you’ll know. Never rush into it until you’re ready.

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Honesty, I think “virginity” is overrated, and there’s really no reason not to have sex, provided you are… at least 15 or 16.

I said this in a recent question, and I’ll say it again.

I had sex for the first time at 15 with someone I didn’t care about. Now, at 22, I don’t regret it at all. He showed me a good time, and I really enjoyed having sex for the sake of having sex while my teenage hormones called for it. I am now in a committed relationship, and it is fantastic to have sex combined with love. It’s obviously a very different feeling, but I don’t think you need to wait for love to have sex; in fact, I think that’d be a very bad idea.

Sex is a great concept. Just be safe and enjoy yourself. Don’t make it into something it isn’t. When the right person comes along, enjoy sex with love. Until then, don’t miss out on sex because you haven’t experienced love yet.

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Since we all start out as virgins there is nothing wrong with it. Deciding to change anything in your life requires at least some thought. Having sex is not a matter of moral, spiritual or physical health but rather a cultural choice. If you make a decision that flies in the face of cultural mores, you have to accept the consequences.

The idea that for a woman sex will send you to hell is fairly recent in history. Generally fertility has been celebrated and it is only in patriarchal cultures that who women have sex with has been limited because it’s all about “Who’s the Daddy?” Men have never been that into taking on unwanted responsibility.

It’s not about spiritually because sexual pleasure is a God-given gift. If we were not meant to enjoy sex we woud reproduce asexually like ferns.

And it’s not about health, plenty of people live happy, healthy lives without sex for years. Sorry guys you should try something else to clear up your zits.

For many women in our culture it is a good idea to wait for sex until they are ready for the emotional and physical commitment that goes along with being sexually active. Also everybody needs to understand that sexuality is not expressed as two points of yes or no but more as a plane (geometric) where there are infinite points where one can be. So it is a matter of telling the world, including random guys, to MYOB. This is one of those things where only the individual can decide. That requires knowing oneself very well and asking the right questions.

For a woman those might include:
1. Am I casual or committed in my relationships?
2. How would I handle rejection?
3. Am I looking for security?
4. Will I be with someone to avoid being alone?
5. Have I thought about the consequences of unwanted pregnancy?
6. Am I where I want to be in my life?

We can’t measure ourselves against anyone else, know yourself.

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Nothing is wrong with being a virgin if your not ready don’t do it…. its simple

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Is this a trick question?

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