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What causes block video glitches?

Asked by PupnTaco (13865points) October 13th, 2008

What causes the kind of blocky glitches in individual frames of video footage as seen at frame left here?

The camera we’re using is a Canon GL2. We’ve tried using a head cleaning kit, it didn’t help. Is this kind of thing repairable, in your experience?

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That could be a number of things-none of them user serviceable; best bet is to go to Canon’s support site and locate one of their authorized service centers. If it’s still under warranty they’ll pay the shipping (as I recall).

Possible culprits:
Bad motherboard
Faulty CCD (the pickup sensor)
Power supply issue causing noise
Transport issues (head-related).

You may also want to try some forums like,, etc. as there may be others that have that problem. My policy has always been to not muck with that kind of stuff if you’ve done all the perfunctory user troubleshooting.

Good luck with that.

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