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Do you eat with a fork and knife?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) October 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Or just a fork?

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mainly just a fork, unless i can’t cut whatever with a fork—then i get a sharp knife.

Does that make me a serial killer????

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I eat sushi with chopsticks, Kentucky Fried Chicken with sporks, and everything else I use a fork. Knife or spoon only if needed like for cutting meat or eating soup.

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I use chopsticks whenever I can. Spoons for soup. And knife and fork for everything else.

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Lately I’ve been using a spoon for pretty much everything. It’s easier than a fork. And I use the edge as a knife if I need to.

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As a child, my wonderful mother (1923–87) admonished me with, “NEVER eat food with your fingers! Eat your fingers, separately.”

I’ve never forgotten that…

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I prefer to cut any thing that needs to be cut first, so I can just eat it without having to stop and cut it. I feel like it’ll stay warm longer that way. I may be wrong. I eat anything I can with a spoon. If it can’t be eaten with a spoon, I use a fork.

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I eat most things with a knife and fork. Even pizza. I know.

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I eat with Spoon + Fork. I eat a lot of rice—everyone here eat lots of rice.

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