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My knee hurts. What excercise can I still do without making it worse?

Asked by sfgal (283points) August 14th, 2007

the inner side of my right knee is hurting. I tried biking since that seemed to be low impact, but it still hurt. Running & biking seem to be out of the doesn't hurt when i walk, but I also don't want to risk exacerbating it. I really need to excercise since I sit all day at work and feel awful if i can't work out. Is it okay to walk on the treadmill? Yoga? Anything else? I don't have access to a pool, so swimming is out too. Also, are there special stretches I can do? I'm worried maybe I have been working on my quads too much and that might be why i have knee trouble?? any advice is appreciated.

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the best advise I can give you is to go to your local clinic, they will run x-rays to see what is wrong with your knee. They should be able to tell you some exercises that you can perform with out pain, and if its serious they can take action before it gets worse. I went last week because my foot was bothering me and they ran x-rays, it turns out I had broken it. So I would say going to your clinic would be a good idea, just in case. Hope that helps :)

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Why not have your orthopod send you for some physical therapy with someone who knows how to pace you and will teach you what is safe and what is risky? When I hurt lower back, I tried to take care of problem myself for several months and got into more serious trouble. PT slowed me way down, (started w. 5 minutes on treadmill) scolded me for rushing and supervised me for 2 months. bvibe has good advice, also. Don't be your own Doctor!

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See question.."no access to pool, so swimming is out..."

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You can't use common sense if you don't know what the problem is! I'm still recuperating from a fall on my knee and not exercising is driving me crazy! I've been taking long walks but staying off it feels the best. It's been 14 days and the healing is progressing, though slowly. I would go see the Doc to get proper advice. I went to rule out anything serious and he said stay off for 10 days. I got on the bike at 10 and I was sorry the next day! I'd lower the tension on the quad exercise after you heal. When we're older the knees can't handle as much strain. Bummer! You can focus on exercising your upper body for 10 minutes everyday while you wait it out, though it's not the same.

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pilates its low impact and builds core strength and corrects posture which many people who sit all day have poor posture from slouching

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