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What's a good drink for your hip flask?

Asked by lapilofu (4325points) October 13th, 2008
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Jose Cuervo Black.

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I always go with Jack.

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I haven’t posted anything, yet!

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Rum. It’s yummy and mixes well.

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You’re too young to drink. LOL

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Single malt Scotch.

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I’d go with a dark rum, if I wanted something hard; amaretto or KahlĂșa (great mixed together, too) if I wanted something a little milder.

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Polyjuice Potion? Dude totally not that naive, just had to put it in.

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The best drink to carry in your hip flask which generally holds 8oz. should be something of a treat.
Leave the Jack and Morgan’s out of it for good. They are general drinks and not even worthy of any top shelf.
Treat yourself in your flask with something like;
Aberfeldy 12 year or even 25 year. These are single malt whisky’s that are sweet in flavor and smell like heather and honey. Prices range from $50.00 to $100.00 a bottle.
Another thing you can treat yourself too is Pear Brandy or a fine Cognac.
Traditionally flasks held whisky but remember to not let anything rest in the flask for too long as stainless steel generally will tart the taste of whatever you put into it.

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I love this question. I never understood what people like about scotch/whiskey/bourbon/brandy. So my answer would be gin or vodka or even (sliver/clear) tequilla. I like rum but not by itself, it’s only good as a mixer drink.

If you buy gin, and money is not an issue, go with Hendrick’s. Goes down like water, it’s great.

And if you go with tequilla, I like Heradura silver.

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A little something I thought everyone might be interested in.

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Southern Comfort. Sweet, strong, good for your sore throat, celebratory, and cheap.

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Ice Tea- you can drink it all down at once and look like a badass!! On a more serious note something fine like a nicely aged cognac or or something like that. (I haven’t drunken much whiskey or similar liqueurs so I wouldn’t know much but i’ve always like cognac, it used to put me to sleep as a baby)

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hmmm bourbon?

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Bitty juice.

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Glenfiddich, the older the better. NF

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