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What's the most expensive thing you ever broke?

Asked by skabeep (927points) October 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I watched this guy basicly snap his macbook air in half by accidently sitting on it a couple days ago. Anyone have some interesting stories of destruction?

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My wife’s heart. So let’s be careful out there. Lesson learned: take NOTHING for granted. Nothing.

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A £295 laminated Longbow. Snapped while shooting it at a re-enactment event. It was only a week old too.

Not my fault though!

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About £300 worth of Dishes and tea pots etc. at work. Was not in my managers good books, made it extra funny when my best friend there (whilst laughing at me) slipped and broke another trays worth. We spent the rest of the day saying,
“No way, I broke the most!”
Our managers have never scowled so much in their lives.

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i ripped a autographed picture of wayne gretzky in little pieces. my dad was furious.

once, when pokemon cards were really cool, my brother ripped my holographic charizard in half. at the time, it was worth $400.

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I submerged a specialised custom built medical endoscope without it’s little water proof cap which screwed up it’s elecrtoics. (Worth in the region of £60,000)

I’ve also ripped the tip off an endoscope with a ultrasound probe at the end. (Worth £80,000)

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Myself, dammit, and I can’t seem to get it fixed.

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@MacBean: Keep working on it…you are worth it!

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I’ve totaled a couple of cars in my day ;-)

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Probably my manual camera.
Never actually broken a car per se.
I’ve merely added to its ahem character.

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i break a lot of things…most expensive would probably be a computer…

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Great Answer Augustlan! Me Too! And it was such a pretty car…

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