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"My Own Worst Enemy" with Christian Slater - did you find the first episode confusing?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) October 14th, 2008

Did you have any problem keeping straight who was who?

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No. Not really.

I thought they did alright having Henry/Edward’s vision go all blurry, his pupils dilate, and him shake his head whenever the opposite Edward/Henry would emerge.

Matter of fact, they stuck to it so well, that I was getting sick of it and when a new flip was underway, I was ready to fast-forward past all the clues.

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I was board. I did like it when he turned into henry as he was looking through the sniper rifle at the russian dude.

but I think I expected to like Slater like I did back in his younger days and that didn’t happen.

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I was bored, too. I liked the surprise ending, though. But I WAS confused as to who was who when.

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And what exactly are they fixing with him?

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I wanted to see this, but missed it.
I take it that it’s not quite as intriguing as the ad’s suggested?

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I saw the 2nd episode last night and I must say I FINALLY learned and realized the slightly different way he acts as each of the two characters making it easier to keep up (but still, not perfectly).

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