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What is the best job one could have in terms of picking up men/women?

Asked by rockstargrrrlie (887points) October 14th, 2008

We all know that some jobs are better than others if you want to get someone interested in you. Girls are frequently in awe of musicians, and the porn pizza delivery man stereotype has to be true for at least one person. What are these jobs that make picking up a girl/guy THAT much easier? Why do you think that is?

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Rock band.


Independently wealthy.


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Dance instructor

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Addiction counselor
Anything on a cruise ship

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Personal Trainer

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I work at a hospital and there a team of guys that are actually paid to run around and pick people up….and move them to another bed…

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Doctor, honestly, if those guys weren’t working all the time, I’m sure they’d be layed way more than the rest of the population.

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@ skabeep- LOL, awesome answer.

@ cheebdragon, I always thought an addiction counselor would be a good one as well, but I don’t personally know any to have a real definitive answer for that.

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Lately it seems female middle school teachers are the craze…

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bartending’s gotta be #1

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I’ve found over the last year and a half that mall delivery drivers seem to get girls pretty frequently while on the job, hence my reason for asking this question.

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Divorce Attorney

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When I was a tutor, I think I could have hooked up with any one of the many 17-year-old boys I tutored. Whether I wanted to, though, is a different story.

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Although I ‘spose if you’re fug no job will help you that much!

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In addition to bartenders, how about caterers at wedding venues? Seems to me that anyplace where you put alcohol and single people together, the employees are going to get picked up.

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@Mritty: How Sex & the City!

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I took a guitar into Starbucks a few times, and man, heads were a turning.

But ya, I tell people I’m in school to be a special effects artist and you can imagine how those conversations go :)

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Photographer, guaranteed

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The truth…any doctor can score if they have a modicum of “game”. But, being a plastic surgeon is like shooting fish in a barrel.

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Medic on an ambulance.

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Any kind if “artist”... But you’ll be poor… And they’ll sleep with the up-and-comer behind your back.

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The summer that I graduated from high school I was hired as a salesman in a large retail shoe store that carried only women’s shoes. It was on 34th Street in Manhattan, just across the street from the Empire State Building.

That was June, 1967. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club was releaed in mid-June. The hippies in San Francisco were just getting rolling, the movement spread across the country like wildfire.

I waited on and met women, young and old, tall and short, gorgeous, less gorgeous and a lot less gorgeous, fat and skinny, white or african-American or hispanic or asian, ALL DAY LONG. I met a lot of women and even a month or two before my 18th birthday, there were dozens of college freshmen or sophomores or high school seniors and juniors, where I could get a number or two or three every week. Getting them to go out with me was another story but if they gave me a phone number I kept bringing out more shoes.

The other great thing about that job was: ( and to our female flutherites, please keep in mind that I was 17 when I started this job and I did it on and off but full-time every summer for four years).

It was the summer of love. Miniskirts and I mean short miniskirts were all the rage and these customers showed a lot of thigh and genital areas whether they realized it or not. Again I was 17, still virginal (I lost it that fall) and like a kid in a candystore. Pantyhose had not hit the market until that spring in tandem with the trendiness of the mini-skirt and that summer a lot of women wore pantyhose without their “knickers” adding some more interest and motivation to the job.

It was a great way to meet women. They were paying me for service as I was on straight commission and if I asked a girl for her number, regardless of her positive or negative response, this often times made the difference between a sale and a walkout. If the customer thinks you like her (or him) the odds on making the sale increased.

As to meeting men, we did get some customers who were a little taller and a little more muscular than our usual customers and one or two of the salesmen improved their social life a little on occasion.

Now everything is self-service and that is no way to conduct a social life.

There’s more but I was raised to know when it is time to shut up.


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Boutique woman loves clothing or public relation sectors

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ski instructor.

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@srmorgan: interesting story. Just after high school, I worked for a short time as a women’s shoe salesman in a large department store, and I had some similar experiences.

This was in 1992 – so think leg warmers and Al Bundy jokes, rather than miniskirts and free love. But I still got plenty of attention.

I was the only male salesman in the shoe department; in the 3 months I worked there, I was treated to a display of naughty bits by at least half a dozen customers (on purpose). Two of them I recall specifically because they were each so forward about it.

The first time I was flashed, it was while kneeling to put a shoe on a customer’s foot. I glanced up, couldn’t help but see her bits, and – thinking it was unintentional – discreetly moved myself a bit to one side, so that I was no longer in line-of-sight. She said something to me about the shoe or its fit, and as I looked up at her to answer, she looked directly into my eyes and smiled – and then shifted in her chair to put me back into viewing angle, and opened her legs again.

I was completely surprised, maybe even startled. She was wearing a business suit (with a skirt, of course, and as it turned out, without panties). She looked very professional and put-together, had an expensive-looking hairdo, and was maybe 45–50 years old. I was still young and inexperienced, and must’ve been like a deer in headlights – I wonder if that was what she was hoping for? Or maybe she was hoping I’d follow through by asking for her number? I’ll never know.

The other memorable one was much younger (early 20s) and quite pretty. She wore a loose low-cut top and kept flashing me her perky little B-cup breasts. I was standing as she sat, and after I stepped to the side, she also looked into my eyes as she repositioned herself to be sure I’d be able to see what she was showing.

So maybe if I’d had the wherewithal to follow through on either of those, or on any of the other lesser occasions, I could’ve hooked up. As a teenaged women’s shoe salesman. Who would’ve thought?

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Let me just add that the WORST job to pick up a date is an auditor. (from experience)

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And retail store I worked at a lot of different stores while I was in high school and any given day a guy could easily have gotten a girls number It didn’t matter young or milf…

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In 1979 I worked for a Fortune 50 company located in Minnesota but my division was in New York City.
Every other year ‘77 ‘79 ‘81 the internal auditors from Minneapolis came to visit for maybe 8 weeks. Two weeks on site, one week back in the office.

I was on the outs with my girlfried at the time (now my wife) and I asked out one of the auditors. Took her to Central Park on Sunday, took her to a Brazilian restaurant, she was a very energetic young woman and we were intimate on several occasions before I reconciled with my beloved.

So her job as an auditor was not a complete sexual wasteland, or that’s how I have been deluding myself for 29 years


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@srm um… thanks?

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Convenience store. I got more action there…

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One of my favorite stories is this.
It was summertime, mid-afternoon, slow day.
This attractive young woman wandered in and I got to wait on her.
She wanted to see a pair of Silver Leather boots that ran up to her knees.
Got the shoebox, brought them out. Helped her put them on (and the act of putting on skin tight boots is mostly getting the leg up in the air and having the customer PULLLL. Of course you have to support her leg as she puts them and the wonderful combination of short skirts and the leg at maybe 30 degrees gave a young kid lots to think about. The best thing, she wore one on each leg and you got to do this all over again.

Anyway this woman walks around the store, kind of in a marching step. She goes to the rear of the store, finds a full-length mirror, and proceeds to raise her skirts up to her waist and she reveals a pair of matching, silver knickers and starts gyrating her hips and thrusting occasionally. She attracts a small crowd of my co-workers until the boss breaks it up.
She said to me, I work at a club out near LaGuardia and I really riled them up last night, I wonder what’ll happen when I wear the boots too?

She bought the boots and gave me $5.00 about 90 minutes pay in those days.

I love this thread.


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It’s my pleasure to share ancient history with the rest of the Fluther…

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@srmorgan: Another cool story. Heh, you’re making me nostalgic for a job that I, in all honesty, pretty much hated. I guess things always seem better through the rose-colored glasses of memory. ;)

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I remember the fun stuff. It was an exhausting job, many difficult customers, you took a lot of crap from the Ladies and from the Floor managers and the store manager. I worked there for four years and the thing I always had to keep in mind, remember my age, was that I was headed for something else in life and my full-time co-workers generally weren’t.

And if I flirted with a customer for a bit too long, well, I could find another part-time job but my colleagues were responsible for their families and they couldn’t risk losing a job.

It was a hard job, but aside from the nonsense about peeking at women, I learned how to deal with difficult, older adults and I became a pretty good salesman.

I hadn’t thought about this job in a long time until I saw this thread this morning.


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Lesbian Daycare Center: it’s not a job, it’s a destination (for L moms to meet other L moms)

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In Vegas it’s DEFINITELY barkeep

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Bartender. I have a friend who is one and he says it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. He is so sick and tired of girls chatting him up…

Rock singer is not all that good actually. Yes, you get loads of girls wanting to be with you, but in reality by the end of the show you’re just too tired to bother, and usually all the good ones are taken. It’s good to be a well-known rock star while NOT actually on stage at the time. Sure, any type of fame helps then.

And no, I’ve never known a gynaecologist who has ever dated a patient. Usually they just get completely turned off after spending the whole day looking at naked women.

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a British double agent…like James Bond 007. I mean come on! He’s hooked up with women with names like pussy galore!

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Bouncer. Bartenders are too freakin’ busy! I have a friend who met his wife while he was bouncing at a bar.

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I would say a Waiter Or a supermarket

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@lovelyone527 I get what you meant,
but that totally made me giggle.

Reminds me of the little boy I used to baby sit
who wanted to be a Christmas tree when he grew up.
Being a Christmas tree probably wouldn’t attract too many ladies.

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Drug dealer.

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Bartender or something in retail.

It’s the easy to start a conversation and get a number.

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I would not mix work and pleasure.

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The only type of people who don’t want to have sex with Batman are liars.

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I can categorically state, with no subterfuge, that I do not want to have sex with Batman.

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@robmandu- you don’t have to lie, to kick it…

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Well then I can categorically state that you sir are a liar.

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Musicians, really? That was impressive when I was a teenager. But I guess I could see bands picking up on teenage groupies or whatever. lol

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Does not matter what the job is. It is how you handle yourself. I have the skills and I am one sweet hottie. All wrapped up in the body of a good man.
Otherwise the question should be what is the best job that will allow you to con the pants off of someone?
And, after hello, it all goes back to you. If you don’t got it, you aint getting it.

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Stripper for Bachelor/ette Parties. If they want to, they can get lei’d in a heartbeat.

As for hetero women, I think they have it easier meeting guys period, maybe not ones they’re interested in, but they meet them nonetheless. If you have a pulse there’re guys who want to “be” with you.

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Surely beach lifeguards get chatted up all the time? Or just lifeguards in general, male and female.

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Sex toy.

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Playing a guitar in your underwear at Times Square.

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Tennis instructor.

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@ChazMaz lol the naked cowboy is awesome!

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Two term democrat President in the 1990’s

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Why thank you @benjaminlevi, i guess i have my moments.

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United States Marine: In dress blues, women fall in love with you on sight. Since finding my soul mate I have tucked my Blues deep into my closet and have resigned them to only events where she is there to beat the other ladies off with a stick or icy glances whichever works. ;)

If you walk, by yourself, into a club wearing dress blues, you will walk out with at least one women, if you don’t it is because you said ‘no’ to them over and over. <wink>

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@noraasnave you look wonderful in your dress blues my love!

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Did you all see that…I just talk about it and the hot women pop out of the woodwork!

<waves at his soul mate>

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life guard they get tons of tang @cheebdragon well we know you had sex with batman .

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. If you can’t be a CEO of a major corp. with a private jet and an exotic sports car try a nail tech or a hair dresser. When they find out you are NOT Gay you become that much more interesting I know, I was a nail rech for many years and your clients are 97.5% all women

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Writer of kinky erotic fiction depicting women being abused and humiliated :-p

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@Hypocrisy_Central – Arent women suspicious of a male nail tech who isn’t gay???

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@HungryGuy At 1st but then they get interested because they figure you can give them the down low on thigs their b/f does since I suppose to see things as they would, being a guy and all. Eventually like a man chats to his barkeep they chat to the hsirdresser or nail tech, a lot of time just to vent against there guy LOL LOL

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Yoga instructor

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Jobs for men: anthropaleontologist, fighter pilot, billionaire, multi-millionaire, EMT.

Jobs for women: Bikini model, lingerie model, pro cheerleader, physicist, sexologist.

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