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What do you use white vinegar for besides cooking?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) October 14th, 2008

Please be specific and give quantities…
How much do you pay for a gallon of white vinegar?
I usually use bleach to sanitize towels, face cloths, dish towels, dish cloths, underwear, socks etc… Wondering if vinegar will sanitize as well as bleach

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I have used white vinegar to clean my coffee pot Use as much as needed to fill up water reservoir and run through a few times Then use water on the last few cycles

I always use bleach for whites and to clean the bathrooms

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We put a cup of white vinegar once a month down the drain line for our central air conditioner. It kills all growth.

I use a tablespoon of salt mixed with about a tablespoon of white vinegar to clean the tarnish off of silver.

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It is an essential ingrediant in dying Easter eggs.

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@buster – You douche?

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To produce electricity..maybe

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Chemically there is no difference between white or brown vinegary (assuming acetic acid levels are identical).
You can use white vinegar for all the above mentioned items as well as brown vinegar.
The only difference is the specific taste (which is a fairly subtle distinction, but

Marina: Vinegar won’t kill ALL bacterial and mould growth in your air conditioner, though it will definitely kill some and inhibit the growth of others (not saying you shouldn’t do this, but there are bacteria that thrive in environments both acidic and alkaline)

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washing windows and/or tempering flavor for collard greens.

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My mom always put a small amount of vinegar in the wash when doing a load of towels (not much… probably 1/4 cup or less for a big load). Our towels were always super absorbent, and there is no smell.

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Soak white vinegar and jalapenos in a bottle and put those on your turnip greens, collard greens, mustard greens, poke salad,etc.

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@smullane…. Ditto

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It will remove the hard-water deposits from your showerheads, and cleanse the plumbing in your coffeemaker too. Will clean windows passably.

Apparently good for flat wart detection…

Ask your local Wiccan for other uses as well.

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Vinegar + salt is good for cleaning woks and griddles! And other cooking things that will be ruined by water washing. The salt is for scrubbing.

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@azul – can you use on cast iron pans? I usually use oil and salt on them…

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Nothing. But i heard/read you can use it clean your kitchen countertops and such. I use vodka for that though.

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I can’t afford vodka but thanks for the idea!

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@DandyDear711 Oh, i buy the cheapest one and put it in a spray bottle. :)

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