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Facebook question: any way to not see some friends' updates?

Asked by Trustinglife (6618points) October 14th, 2008

I love keeping up with my friends by reading their status updates every day. Well, most of them. I’m not really interested in my ex-girlfriend’s dance practice. Or hearing my friend from high school bitch all the time. I don’t want to un-friend them. I just don’t want to read their updates every day.

Do you know of a way to make this happen? Thanks!

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There should be an “x” next to the item or some other icon where it lets you say “Don’t show me this any more.”

Since Facebook has changed, I am not sure how some of the icons and shortcuts have been affected.

I am at work right now (and Facebook’s blocked) but I’ll check tonight and get back to you.

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On the home page, where you get story and status updates, there’s a way to tell FB whether you like that particular update. For example, let’s say your friend Jane has a status update of “Jane is so tired of doing homework all the time”. When you hover your mouse on that update, in the right corner, an Edit button shows up. Click on it, and you’ll have the option of “More about Jane” or “Less about Jane” along with other options. Just keep clicking on “Less about Jane” whenever you see such an update, and eventually you won’t get an updates from her.

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Well, that’s the long way to do it. Eventually you won’t get updates about them anymore after clicking thumbs down enough times.

The quick way to do it is to click on “Options for News Feed” at the bottom of the news feed. Then, you can enter names under “Less about these Friends.”

You can select up to 100 friends that you prefer not to see in your News Feed. You will only get stories about these people if nothing else is available.

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You two rock! Thank you – that was empowering. Done.

Let me check though… was that just for the news feed? Or status updates too? I guess I will see as time goes on…

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ooh good find GoS! I saw that option earlier, but it used to be on the top right corner if I am not mistaken? Since I didn’t see it there, I figured they must have gotten rid of that option that and i felt too lazy to look for it

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Hmmmmmm, nope. It looks like doing the above just removed the person’s update from my News feed, but not the status update, which is what I really want. Any other ideas?

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@PnL: Yes, on the old facebook, it was in the top right corner, and it was called “Preferences.” Same thing now, just moved and called something different!

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@Trustinglife: Aren’t the status updates just part of the news feed?

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GoS – he’s talking about the “status updates” only tab. there are a bunch of tabs on home page. the default one is news feed. status updates is the one right next to it.

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Yup, PnL, you’re right.

So this question remains unanswered – hoping to get another solution. Thanks!

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