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Best Cordless Phone for home?

Asked by psyla (2544points) October 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m looking to replace my aging Panasonic home cordless phone. I need a base station and four remote phones would be good. I don’t particularly like Panasonic, the quality is great but the phone has about twelve unnecessary buttons on it. What cordless is best and why doesn’t Sony make cordless phones? Also, a pocket-size would be great for when I’m out in the yard setting rabbit traps.

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I thought this question was interesting, as I honestly do not know many people who still have land lines.

Out of curiosity – do you have a cell phone and if so, why have you decided to keep your land line?

= )

I apologize for not having a personal recommendation for you on cordless phones but this one got good reviews on–1

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These are some pretty good phones. Lot’s of features. Not sure about their size though.

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Stay w/DECT 6.0 for the best combination of call clarity (no interference) and range. Panasonic and AT&T (SL82418 & SL82518) have the best 4 and 5 handset factory bundle deals going. Favorites for quality and reliability are the Philips and Verizon models, but unfortunately you’ll pay more since they don’t have 4 handset bundles from the factory. Ask you favorite small etailer/retailer for more information…

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I keep a landline because it’s economical & it carries my Internet broadband. I don’t use my cell much & it costs ten dollars per year with T-Mobile to go. That’s right, I said per year. Thanks for all you guys input! I’ve been searching for a new landline for about a year. Maybe your all suggestions will solve my shopping problem.

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