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Do you still use cursive handwriting?

Asked by Nimis (13219points) October 14th, 2008

Some friends remarked that it’s been years since they’ve written in cursive.
Is that true for other folk? Or do you bust out those cursive skills all the time?

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Oh I remember cursive. No I don’t use it anymore.

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nope never use cursive not even on checks

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I NEVER use cursive.

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except for my signature

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After reading this I tried writing in cursive. Yeah, even though I know what I wrote, I can’t read it!

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just used it today as i wrote out my chalkboard menu. it’s a lagasse thing.

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I use cursive for specific situations—when I need my handwriting to be neat, i.e. on exams (my print is foul); when I’m writing a lot, because it’s easier on my hand; and when writing stories/things for fun rather than for, say, class, partially due to the length and partially because I just think it’s prettier… And easier for me to read later!

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No. I’m an architect and printing is important, so my “handwriting” is sort of a “cursive printing style”; quicker than printing but less fluid than cursive.

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Nope. Not at all.

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My writing is a relatively unattractive combination of printing and cursive.
They don’t even teach it in school anymore.

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signature only

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Because of a drafting class, now all my letters are uppercase and involve only downward strokes.

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I use it as my own secret code. No one else can read it. A lot of people tell me that I should have been a doctor…

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i use a combo of cursive and printing.

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I never use cursive, except for my signature. Funny story though. When I took the GRE, after the test they give you a sheet of paper with this paragraph on it that basically says “I am the person who took this test and I didn’t cheat.” You are required to copy word for word this paragraph and then sign at the end. But the instructions explicitly say IN CURSIVE. There were definitely a few moments of panic as I tried to remember how to make a capital F and a lowercase j. Pretty funny.

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Yes, all the time! Rats! I tried to render it in cursive but, of course, Fluther won’t let me.

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Always. I’m a grad student and it’s so much easier and faster to chicken scratch in cursive.

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I can’t write in anything but cursive. everything else comes out looking too ugly. I really like writing that way though, I think it looks fabulous.

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My handwriting is one of my best assets. All of my letters are formed perfectly and look like this. I can also do calligraphy. People are always WOWed by my handwriting, even if it’s just quick notes I’m taking in class.

I do use cursive sometimes. I can write in about 25 different fonts, most of which I’ve created. Some are cursive, some are printing, and some are somewhat of a combination. (I usually adopt a particular font based on my mood, without even really thinking about it.)

Sorry, my handwriting is just too amazing to be modest about.

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I always write in cursive in my journals. That makes then harder for others to decipher since my handwriting is so atrocious.

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I use a system called the pricursinte. The name is self-explanatory.

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I use a combo regularly. When I write letters, I go all cursive and try to make it as pretty as possible.

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I use a combination of cursive and plain chars. Most of what I use is out of convenience…

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My handwriting is all-caps print. It is too modest to be amazing about.

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I use cursive all the time. Whenever I fill out anything that tells me I have to print, it takes me FOREVER because I have to really concentrate to keep it from turning into script.

Edit: This is my handwriting. The questions I was answering were:
1.) Your name and your LJ username
2.) Are you right- or left-handed?
3.) Your favorite letters to write
4.) Your least favorite letters to write
5.) Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
6.) Tag five people.

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I do both, sometimes in the same word. The cursive I use is not the standard taught in school, though. As a bored 7th grader, I decided it wasn’t interesting enough, and some of it didn’t make any sense…(upper case S or Q, anyone?). So I devised my own way of writing, and practiced it for so long that I am now incapable of using the correct form. However, it is perfectly legible…if not always neat.

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I write cursive about half the time; I notice I use it more when I’m writing quickly, or in French. I don’t think it’s super-traditional “school” cursive, but then again neither is my print handwriting.

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only time I use cursive is when I sign my name. sadly enough, one night at work a discussion come up about cursive writing and it took 4 or us to complete teh alphabet in cursive. some of those letters were tricky to remember how to do the upper and lower case of each.

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Mostly cursive with print caps.

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I was taught to write checks in cursive so they are harder to modify. That’s the only time I actually use cursive, and it does come out pretty sloppy.

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@MacBean: Your handwriting is gorgeous.

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My lecture notes are a mix of cursive and “sheesh slow down, these words are flying off the page!”. I don’t necessarily do the school taught version of cursive. But it’s close enough.

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i was never fond of it to begin with, i had messy cursive, and my printing wasn’t much better, but easier.

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I hate cursive!!
But My signature is cursive….
When I am taking notes, I kind-of do an in-between. (Basically, lazy print because I just connect words to make it faster). That is why school encourage cursive. They say that it is much easier and the way Americans should write.

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