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Do you remember your dreams?

Asked by justinheckman (26points) October 15th, 2008 from iPhone

If I wake up during my dream I can remember the majority of it, but as the morning progresses I forget most of it rather quickly.

However I know some people that can remeber their dreams in detail. How about yourself?

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I’m like you.. I remember my dreams for a little time after I wake up, and I forget it during the day, just some of them I can remember with details, but I can’t tell you. LOL

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I think the key is to wake up slowly.
The slower I wake up, the more and longer I remember.
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I remember some and not others. It all depends on what I happen to think about during the next day. If a thought pops into my head that is relevant to a dream I had the night before, I will suddenly recall that I had a dream related to that topic. If that topic hadn’t popped in, however, I would have never remembered that dream at all.

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yes but it fades rather quickly. Unless it is one of those “movie” dreams < with good storyline and cool camera angles. The good ones stay with me much longer.

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I do, but not all of them. I have pretty vivid and extremely weird dreams sometimes so when I wake up I really want to remember them to be able to tell my friends about it, so I write it down in a little journal I keep beside my bed. This also aids in being able to remember other dreams but unless they were exciting I don’t write them down.

And sometimes they’re just way to weird to write down anyway. I wouldn’t know where to start. But these ones I remember bits and pieces of for myself, to wonder about why I had them.

And sometimes I’m like girlofscience, something that happens the day after provokes a memory of the dream and I tell whoever is closest if it was a good one.

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shrubbery. I want to write them down as well but too lazy to do so. May be I will start recording them with my phone!

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Only if I’m awakened unexpectedly (in a different sleep cycle, I presume).

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I think dreams are seen as a tool by your mind for sorting memories and keeping your brain busy during the long hours of sleep and are never mean’t to be remembered. They get wiped as you wake up normally in most people so I’m guessing that we only remember the ones when we get woken up suddenly (alarm clocks, cats jumping on your face etc) and even then they are kind of tagged to not be saved to long term memory so fade throughout the morning.

Sometimes I find someone will say or do something that will jog a memory from a dream (break the dream as people call it) and I think this is where there isn’t a link from your current thoughts to the dream memories (usually because there isn’t mean’t to be) and this reminder from someone points you to that section of short term memory.

None of this is proven fact just my thoughts on it.

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what’s weird is you only dream for 10–15 seconds and it’s always right before you wake up If they are this short why does it feel like we’ve been dreaming the majority of the night? Does anybody dream during a power nap or only when you go to bed at night?

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I wish I could remember them…but I forget them soon after waking, if I remember at all. I think dreams are fasinating!
Lately, I’ve been too tired to dream tho. I hate when that happens.

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Rarely at all anymore, and I miss that.

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I always remember them – and I can remember ones from when I was 5 years old. They are always very colourful and dramatic dreams that once n a while come true ( I kid you not) But when I’m awake I’m lucky to remember to pick up the dry cleaning.

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I remember most of my dreams. I tend to have nightmares, which makes me remember them more vividly than regular dreams. It doesn’t matter how quickly I wake up, or what I do throughout the day, I remember every scary aspect of my dream.

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I remember almost all of my dreams, in detail. And when I dream, it’s very vivid and usually lucid dreaming. I think the reason I remember them so well is because I love to. My favorite part about sleeping is not actually getting sleep, but because I get to dream.

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@nikobe Power nap dreams are fun.

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