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Do Chinese made bullets contain lead?

Asked by hoosier_banana (824points) October 15th, 2008

The issue is a little stale, but what about scapegoating China? Is the toxicity of lead really the issue when shotguns in our backyards are overlooked?

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I am sorry I have no idea about that. You mean arms? Here in China it is forbidden to own guns by civilians. So most of the people here never have seen a bullet all their life!

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If I’m reading this question right, the logic is that because bullets contain lead (and they’re a relatively common item to get in quantity), then the problems with lead poisoning in food & toys in products coming from Chinese manufacturers is just hype.

If you really feel that way, you might need to be locked up for your own safety. I’m seriously worried you’re gonna start drinking gasoline out of your car’s fuel tank and dusting fire-ant killer on your breakfast eggs.

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Yes, a bit of logic challenge.

Most kids don’t suck, chew, bite, ingest, shotgun pellets anywhere near as much as they do toys. Even though China should not have used lead-based paints, the lead-based paints are brighter and longer lasting.

However China’s track record is pretty low when you look at the number of products that have been adulterated with melamine including baby formula and liquid milk. Melamine is poisonous and adds nothing to the quality of the product anyway. It only gives a false, high, reading for the presence of protein.

Then there’s the toothpaste w/ anti-freeze…

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Sorry for any ambiguity, the main point of this question is to start a discussion on how Americans can be hyper-sensitive to other cultures mistakes but overlook our own. Why didn’t the lead scare bring light to our own toxic legacy? As a mushroom hunter I am hypersensitive to ecological impacts that are potentially dangerous and nearly impossible to clean up. I’m not defending China, I don’t buy their products, and I sure don’t think that because we do it they can too. But where do we get off, just because kids don’t suck bullets does not mean they will never be affected by them, lead stays where you put it, and millions of Americans are scattering tons of it all over our country every season. There is a dual standard here, like it or not.

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ummm, if i’m not mistaken, a lot (if not most) bullets contain lead anyways. Lead is really only toxic if you start eating it. You can touch and handle lead without much (if any) concern.

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It’s possible.

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Don’t eat them.

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All funnies aside, most bullets are made of lead. A lot of them are wrapped in a copper jacket for safety, cleanliness, penetration, etc.

Ultimately, there is little to worry about, environmentally. Most bullets are fired at the shooting range, where they are periodically collected and recycled. The lead vaporized in the conflagration is of some minor concern for young shooters, but soap and water is sufficient to maintain health. The average hunter (and there might be a million of those) might discharge his firearms into the environment (where, I might add, lead comes from) a mere handful of times per year.

In Missouri, at least, waterfowl hunting must be done with steel shot.

War, on the other hand, uses bullets by the ton – most of which are fired to chase people to cover.

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