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What is the best burrito place in San Francisco?

Asked by sfgal (280points) August 15th, 2007

I know there is a debate between fans of Papalote and fans of Taqueria Cancun. But are there other amazing little spots? I like El Castilito on Church street.

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A lot of people go with La Taqueria:

They are definitely a good choice.

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i love the cancun vegetarian burrito

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Cancun for the best vegetarian (you have to love that fresh avocado), Papalote for gringo-style burritos (with IMO the best salsa in town), and Pancho Villa for your overall burrito experience.

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I pick Gordos next to GG park.

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Cancun is by far the best (especially the veggie burrito!) I'm partial to the Cancun at the corner of 6th and Market - the neighborhood is sketchy, but (surprisingly) I've always gotten better burritos there than at the one in the Mission...

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Puerto Allegra, Valencia & 16th.

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El Zorro, in North Beach

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If you’re willing to venture a bit south into the mission, there’s an unforgettable Mexican burrito stand called El Metate on 22nd and Bryant St. I went there off a co-worker’s recommendation after a beach trip this summer, and the food was delicious and cheap, by city standards. They’re burritos are excellent, and they have an entire shelf of self-service sauces to spice up your meal at the ready.

Parking’s a bit difficult to find, but if you can get your wheels down yonder, you will not be disappointed.

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