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What is it about buying toilet paper in lounge clothes that seems to scream, "Hey, I literally just walked off the toilet to come buy this."?

Asked by TheNakedHippie (470points) October 15th, 2008

This only applies when toilet paper is the only item you’re buying, by the way…

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same goes with feminine items!!

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you gotta do what you gotta do…lol

I love the people that shop in their bedroom slippers…

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@deaddolly: Yeah, I never really noticed that until I got to college… People do a lot of things in bedroom slippers, apparently…

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@poofandomock: But at least feminine items have attitude, you know? It’s like, “Yeah I’m buying these! What of it?!”

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A little off topic but…

Many years ago in a grocery store, I saw a rather nicely dressed young man in front of me in the 10 items or less line. He had 2 items.

1) A dozen red roses
2) A dozen condoms

I always wondered if the evening went according to plan or if he was being a bit presumptuous.

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@dalepetre: My first job was working in a grocery store and I used to see stuff like that all the time… it was always funny to me (being the spritely 15-year-old that I was) when people would buy like, Finding Nemo and KY or some other equally strange combination…

Good times.

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I remember a clerk commenting when I bought a pregnancy test and tampoons. lol

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deaddolly – I would never say this, but I’d sure as hell think it if I saw that…

“Hedging your bets?”

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HAHAHAH, the last two comments are great!

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@dale Yeah, well…I would’ve chuckled to myself as well. But this clerk choose to ask if I was covering all bases… lol

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(S)he picked someone with a good sense of humor about it at least…I imagine if you would have thought the same thing you couldn’t have been TOO mad about it! Though I hear you’re thinking of going postal, so who knows?

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lol…no, I was more embarassed if I remember correctly. It was long ago. Still remember it tho. I’m now much more in the postal mode and would have made a bitchy, sarcastic comeback to her if it was said today. :)

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I always think about this when I walk in during the middle of the day and buy something like Pepto Bismol and toilet paper.
If I was the clerk, I’d be pouring on the Purell right after I left.

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Not only does it seem to scream Hey, I literally just walked off the toilet to come buy this.
It also makes you wonder if they had a chance to properly wipe before they came.
Maybe they got an empty roll and had to improvise. Ooph.

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Anyone ever hear that Jim Gaffigan bit about how self conscious you feel buying one of those huge multipacks of toilet paper and all the people around thinking oh my God…he must never leave the bathroom

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I saw him live last year, he closed out his show with the Hot Pockets routine. I think I hurt myself laughing.

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Dale: Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians… I saw him once about 3 years ago and I was literally in pain from laughing so hard.

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