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Interesting Social Networks? (Cool websites)

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) October 15th, 2008

I’m interested in lots of social networks. I’m interested in hearing new ones. I have hundreds of accounts somewhere floating in the cloud. Facebook right now might be the best social network in the world. It has anything you can imagine. It’s just a bit ugly. What social network do you use regularly? I would love to hear it. Please share.

I don’t want to hear sites like FaceBook or Myspace.

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Fluther is as close to a social network as I get. So I guess this one. It certainly can get interesting.
I know that isn’t what you were looking for.

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I like a website called SocialThing!. All accounts in one place!

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@Chewy Hey, I do have SocialThing! It’s pretty great.

@AstroChuck I knew someone would say Fluther.

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I found a place called ‘Floort’ which is good. I am somewhat new there so I don’t know everything about it yet.

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@Chewy, could you give us a little more details about SocialThing other than what it says on their ‘webpage’, please? I haven’t heard of the site and I also don’t use the facebook or myspace either. So not sure I am one that would use this. Thanks

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@lollipop It’s only useful if you have lots of accounts online like me. What you do on SocialThing is click add account then type in your account information including password. Don’t worry it’s secure. Once you’ve added all your websites ex: Facebook, RSS, Flickr, Twitter you can see them all in one webpage! You’ll be able to check what your friends are doing (Facebook), check new blog posts (RSS), see your friends new uploaded pictures (Flickr) and check your friends Twitter updates all in one webpage instead of checking them all separately. It’s pretty clever really.

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I have an extra SocialThing invite if you need.

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@Chewy, Thanks for answering. I guess I am not that up on all the latest stuff and need something like that but it does sound pretty good for those that do.

shadling21's avatar is a popular one in countries outside of North America.

deaddolly's avatar is for industrial/goth music fans. is a cool site for zombie fans is for vampire fans where you have to reach certain status levels.

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I thought Virb was cool for a while but got bored with it. I think it has potential but there’s not enough activity.

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@PIXEL: I would like it!

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i don’t know if photo sharing sights count, but Flickr is very similar to a social sight.

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@girlofscience Pm me your email.

Vincentt's avatar – the best IMHO. At least if you like to listen to music, but who doesn’t? ;-)

mea05key's avatar – a music station

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This. I don’t know if anyone has heard of that or this…. Try them see what you think

I am sorry but I just had to after no one said it.

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@swimmindude2496: PIXEL mentioned that PIXEL is already aware of myspace and facebook and was asking about other interesting sites…

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or a music site like or something else of that nature

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First I would say Twitter. Then I would say FriendFeed for the slightly more hardcore social networker. Both are fun but both have their learning curves.

I got a lot of value out of Friendfeed because of the community that is there. It’s a great group of people and everyone is willing to help if help is needed. Try both out and see what you think.

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I am a misanthrope so I just share comments at random on these boards. It all seems like an extension of high school at times..and I am certainly past that. I don’t know. Call me old school but I still need some face time..okay maybe I’m not a misanthrope… :)

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I’ve recently discovered Plurk, which is eerily similar to Twitter. But I mostly use facebook.

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For us knitters/crocheters/fiber art fiends, there’s

I could spend hours on that site, and have.

But if you aren’t into those things, it has no relevance whatsoever.

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Does anybody use anymore? That’s pretty good. It seemed to have gotten “swallowed” with Twitter and Facebook.

tdyer's avatar is a new one thats just for horror and zombie fans.

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hi5 is really good.

QueenOfNowhere's avatar I have been lovin that website since I was 8. I am 18 now lol.
I have cheated a lot and hacked tons of accounts. Thats why I get banned all the time…

IzzyAndHerBeans's avatar is a great one. I’m also a fan of StumbleUpon. Although it’s not a social networking site, it can generate websites that fit your interests based on a short questionnaire you fill out. It may help you broaden some of the sites you visit on a daily basis.

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