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what are some cute romantic things you can do for someone?

Asked by bybvibe93 (232points) August 15th, 2007 from iPhone

Any ideas...

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there were lots of ideas in your question ..... notes, letters, favors, trips, gifts, surpises, etc etc etc suited to the person that you're doing it for.

to me, it's almost completely about knowing that person and thinking of something that they'd really like - a small gesture or a big surprise.

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That's it! A gift or a gesture that means something to them, or even just to you. I like knowing whatever it is, it took a bit of effort. Those things mean more in the long run. I especially like surprises, myself.

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Its good to get advise from a woman's point of view.

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I like to fix my husband a nice lunch. I tuck in a sweet note just to tell him how much I love him and hope he has a great day! I also will put in a special surprise... A special dessert, like maybe his favorite dessert..... My homemade peach cobbler... He says it is the best ever!

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mm that sounds tasty, he's a lucky man!

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It's all about showing them that you have been paying attention to their taste, what they like and dislike. i think this is true for any gift, not just romantic gifts. For example, I have a friend (who is a bit of a hippy) who practically melted when a guy she was dating left her a pot of dirt on her doorstep with seeds planted in it. I'm not suggesting you leave someone dirt--the point is that this guy knew *her* well enough to know that she was not your average woman and wouldn't want cut roses, even if they were in a huge expensive bouquet--she was the type of person who was more excited by the gesture of seeds growing. His small gesture showed he was paying attention.

I was living abroad once and someone sent my roomate a box of autumn leaves that were all red, orange, and yellow, so that she wouldn't miss out on the fall colors even though she was 10,000 miles away...thoughtful gifts don't have to be expensive...even leaves picked up off of the ground can be romantic if they are presented in the right way.

Overall, I would say that handmade things are very sweet because they show you've spent time on them. There are some women who value money more than time, but hopefully you've found one who would be won over by a hand-made card with a poem inside.

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wow, i totally know what you mean. Terrific answer occ

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home made paper flowers left on a pillow. It shows thought, work,and they never die.

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i like to leave little notes on their car or front door. sometimes you can find very small cards (gift card sized) at stores. sometimes i make them myself (nice paper, cut small) and write quotes from movies we’ve seen or something related to our last conversation. it is a nice surprise and lets them know i’m thinking of them.

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take that someone out, keep a good conversation going, have a good sense of humor, have a comfortable silence, then after everything, bade that person good-bye with a satisfied smile.

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If they’re the adventurous type, make up a scavenger hunt for them with you and their favourite dinner as the prize at the end.

Reassure them by hugging them to your side and kissing them on the top of their head.

If corny is acceptable, you should sing a song to them, modify the words of a song you know they like, or even make up your own! The effort is definitely what counts here xD

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buying lexus and home for happy wife, becoming sygets… but maybe its the thought that couts.

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I swear I cannot for the life of me interpret what was just said ^

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for me, i love the thoughts that float through your head that you think might be cheesy, but (cheesy is what made me fall i love with memo ^^) you would never think to say about them, which are usually the most romantic. for instance, he laughed and said “you’re so beautiful” may be a simple statement, but it almost made me cry. DEAR GOD I LOVE THAT BOY!!!

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I always thought it was the little things that kept two people close. Buying little things for them that they’ve mentioned they needed is a good thing. I also believe its true that a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Maybe cook them their favorite food or dessert? Take them out to their favorite restaurant…And it also doesnt hurt to be a little sensitive, speak from your heart when you need to. Cheesy is always good, it definitely makes my heart melt every time someone says something mushy to me. Even if its just a simple random text saying “I miss you/I love you”. Little things definitely do matter. Don’t forget that.

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She touched my face and I just smiled.

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