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Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange Program?

Asked by Shake (28points) October 15th, 2008

Has anyone done this? Also if you do this online and they ship it to you do you have to send your old one back? If so, do you send yours in first before the new adapter arrives?

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I did it and got an adapter in 2 weeks. I did not send my old one back either but they do provide you with a paid postage box and reccomend you do so

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I guess you must have done it early then. I thought it was in 1 day.

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I bought my iPhone the day after recall and they gave me a sheet with the website I sent it off a week later

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“If you apply via the web, you will also need to provide your name and address so that we can send you a new adapter along with a shipment box so that you can return the affected adapter to Apple.

If you visit an Apple Retail Store, you need to bring your affected adapter(s) and your iPhone 3G(s) with you to complete the exchange process.”

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i saw this pop up on gizmodo and told my sister about it and left the link up on her computer and so she sent in a form over the internet and hers arrived this past weekend, still has her old one too so.. yea paid for and all

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Oh shit. I got 1 in the Apple Store and 1 by mail. Now it says if I don’t return the old adapter by 10 business days it will charged on my credit card and I don’t have the oler adapter. Ill send the same one back and see what happens.

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What credit card do they bill? I never provided them with that information

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Neither did I but I still think they can somehow find out your credit card by your information. They have the right to bill your credit card if you do not return the older adapter. I could be wrong. I probably am, but I’m going to send it back anyways.

Read the letter they sent you.

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I threw the box papers and all out after extracting the charger lol never read it

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Naughty naughty!

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