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What network will you watch the presidential debate on?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) October 15th, 2008

CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC, local network, PBS, other?

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MSNBC. Only reason is because it seems to be the only channel that has a pretty decent picture(not that, that really matters all that much its a debate not an action flick) and doesnt have 8 thousand confusing graphs on the screen <glares at CNN>

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MSNBC because I’m already watching Hardball with Chris Matthews.

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Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch it on TV but plan on listening to it on my local NPR station.

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I kind of like the CNN graphs because I want to see people’s reactions.
Although, if I had a stopwatch to track it, I would probably find that i spent more time watching the two lines than I did watching the candidates.

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Whaaa, there’s a debate?

probably MSNBC

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I like C-SPAN the best, because it shows everything with no input from anyone, just as it happens, but I think my DVR got set up to tape it on CNN (I put my son to bed at 8 then go to the gym so I won’t be watching it until it’s basically over, but I’ll watch it the second I’m able), and because of their opinion trackers, I think that adds an interesting element, so I didn’t bother to change it. I guess my answer is, probably CNN, but whatever channel my DVR records.

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We don’t have TV, so I stream it from CNN.

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I also follow the liveblogging on

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If PBS is carrying it, I’ll be there; otherwise CNN

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I just found Hack the Debate which will be on the Current channel.
Sounds like live blogging that is broadcast out to the station.

I’ll probably DVR that one and might have time to rewatch just for the comments

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robmandu, What about you?
Hey, that rhymes!

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The Internet, if at all.

It’s not like I’ll be voting… My country’s election is DONE WITH.

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I will likely watch it on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC at least the followup . I enjoy listening to the partisan arguments in all 3 networks.

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I’m recording it, since waking up at 4am every day doesn’t really allow for staying up past 9 or so, haha.

… but it’ll be recorded on MSNBC! ;]

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I will watch it on PBS. And I will not take a drink every time McCain says My Friends or Maverick this time. The last debate almost put me in the hospital.

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I watch it on ABC for the HD! But the pre-show & after show is a toss up (i’m a surfer) between MSNBC & CNN for the banter and graphs/computer results.

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ABC because I watched Pushing Daisies at 8 and was too damn lazy to change the channel when it was over.

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@Astro… looks like I got it on C-SPAN again. Plain jane.

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The local Fox station because I hit 6 instead of 60-MSNBC on the remote but now that they are winding up, I am going to the comedy channel.

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I wonder which network Joe the plumber watched it on.

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Joe’s rich, he probably watched it on the 150” Plasma HDTV in his gold-plated cadillac on some channel the rest of us can’t even get.

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I watched it on NBC, for the picture quality.

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