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Has anyone else downloaded scavenge from app store?

Asked by skabeep (927points) October 15th, 2008 from iPhone

I downloaded this a few days ago and I think it’s a fun idea. I was wondering how often they update the catagories? I tried to find their website for more info but was unsuccessful.

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Well, I just downloaded it, so far I can’t add anything but Ideas and a scavenge for a Sunset because I live in the middle of nowhere. Anyway; There was a massage that says the guy will update soon, which means he will write the update and it will sit in the AppStore “approval” que for another month, then we’ll be able to download it.

As far as the program goes, I am enjoying it. I creaped out some people at the mall cause I was trying to take a picture of them, but aside from that, I really like this idea. I would like to hope that the developer will take all the comments into consideration when he rights the new version because I would like to see most of them.
But ya, I am enjoying it. I wish I could find “Quest” for the pwned 3G, but I have yet to be successful.

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what’s quest?

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It was for jailbroken iPhones. It was basiacly the same thing but it was offered like Geocaching. You would ether get a clue to what the picture should be or some kind of story, or something just a place and you have to take pictures of things until you got it right. It was by no means complet or even that stable, but it was fun. It really was like going on a quest to find something like, “Usually not a Hen and a sign of change.” Which refured to one of those wind-tellers that has a Male Chicken (I say that cause I don’t want Fluther to censor me) and an arrow that point in the direction the wind is blowing, hence “Not a Hen: A Male Chicken” “a sign of change: The arrow that points where the wind changes.”
Hell, if I had the time, or rather, help, I would totally remake it for the iPhone 3G, but add all sorts of cool GPS things and stuff.

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I bet the source is available and there are apps to port to 2.x

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I have looked (admittedly not that hard) and have not found an easy location, thus, I have given up till I reach that moment in my life I am so board, I decide to make it.

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