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Are you going to any haunted houses this year?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) October 15th, 2008

Where are they and why do you like them? I love to be scared and am always looking for new places!

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No, no I am not. I do not like them one single bit. Besides, I’m frightened enough watching the campaign adds that are saturating my tv screen.

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My friend and I are dressing up in our costumes and going to FrightFest at 6 Flags. There are two haunted houses there and you get into both for ten bucks. And since we’re dressing up we get into the theme park for half price. Win, win. =]

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I was going to go on a haunted tour of my town.. but it’s pretty pricey. I’ll have to go one day.. pretty lame that i haven’t been since I live here and all.

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I want to go to one. The prison at Moundsville is pretty spooky, but not sure I can make it up there this year. Its been closed for some time, but one of the inmates was Charles Manson in his younger hoodlum days.

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I won’t be able to go this year (I’m on the other side of the world), but there is a great Haunted type thingy in Laramie, WY. We have the old Wyoming Territorial State Prison (Butch Cassidy was there), and you go and get a hay ride tour of the old down town and hear spooky stories about the ghost sightings of all the places. Then you head back to the prison and walk through it in the pitch black and people jump out and scare you. Ain’t nothin’ scarier than an old prison!

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I remember in middle school (6th grade to be exact) I went to something called High Trails. It is a school sponsored event that children have the option to go to during the school year, from the second month all the way until after December. It is basically a week long sleep-away camp where you fake leaning things.
Anyway, I went in the beginning of October and the camp had a hunted house we went to.
Long story short, I nearly pulled one of the counselors through some bars when he tried to grab me to scare me.
Ever since I was young I have been bullied, thus I have learned how to fight, and fight well. So I have a knee-jerk reaction to attack anything that touches me or frightens me without my permission or prior knowledge. Thus I avoid hunted houses because I would probably hurt someone, or just not be scared.
But it is fun to scare people, so if I ever get a chance again to work in the “professional ” scare industry, I SO totally would!

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(I’m answering my onw question…lol)
We’re trying out Fear at Navy Pier in Chicago this year. I’m taking my sister, who doesn’t know she’s going yet, and will kill me, I’m sure.
For those in Wisconsin….Splattehaus in Sheboygan is pretty cool. You have to crawl through certain areas on your hands and knees…while people grab at you. it’s wonderful.
I’ve a habit of hugging the monster ppl tho and sacrificing my
friends as being ‘more tender’ than me. I love it!

Fright Fest is fun too….be sure to ride the Bloody White Water Rapids!

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Ooh, dolly that sounds fuuuuun!
I wish we had that.

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They are fun! I really want to go to Statesville Prison, just outside of Chicago. No one under age 15 admitted…

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I’m going to BE in a haunted house this year. I’m so excited.

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@krose Have fun—I should do that some time. I love scaring the crap outta ppl.

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ATROX in Leeds Alabama… cant say enough good things about this one… i have never been scared in a haunted house till i found this one…

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With ticket prices approaching twenty bucks apiece, I sincerely doubt it.

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